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  • The New Yorker Magazine's app migrates to Pugpig Publishing

    The New Yorker Magazine will now be published through Pugpig's app platform.

    Published 16 July 2019 Industry News
  • Zenith: Internet advertising will exceed half of global adspend in 2021

    The first internet ad appears in 1994, and we’ve been forecasting the rise of internet advertising ever since – and we’ve often found that its growth has exceeded our expectations. In our latest edition of our Advertising Expenditure Forecasts, published on 8 July, we forecast for the first time that internet advertising will exceed 50per cent of the ad market 

    Published 15 July 2019 Insight News
  • Will ‘paying’ for attention pay?

    As publishers try to make sense of the ‘attention economy’, there’s a slow drift towards building revenue models around rewarding users for their attention. Not in currency, but rather in decluttering their online experience from advertising. Is this the middle ground between paywalls that lock away quality content and the mishmash of trying to broaden reach with free content?

    Published 08 July 2019 Features
  • How to fix broken digital ad models

    Despite popular belief, subscriptions and paywalls will not be the silver bullet most digital publishers have been waiting for. Instead, publishers should be exploring innovation in digital advertising formats, said Jessica Rovello, co-founder and CEO, Arkadium, USA, at this year's Digital Innovators' Summit in Berlin. She proposed four new formats as a good place to start.

    Published 17 June 2019 Features
  • Standing up to tech giants in Germany as sales houses form closer cooperation

    The planned alliance between German advertising sales houses, Media Impact and Ad Alliance will create the largest digital sales platform in Germany. It can also be seen as indicative of the extent local media competitors will go to face off against the growing market power of the tech platforms.

    Published 28 May 2019 Industry News
  • Glamour on making the transition from monthly print magazine to digital first brand

    Earlier this month, Camilla Newman, publishing director for Condé Nast’s Glamour magazine, spoke at the UK Professional Publishers Association (PPA) Festival in London, about the transition that the publication has gone through in becoming a digital first brand. 

    Published 28 May 2019 Features
  • Chart of the week: Internet advertising rises above $100 billion

    Internet advertising revenue has officially passed the US$100 billion mark growing by about 386 per cent in about a decade, according to a newly released report from IAB and PwC.

    Published 13 May 2019 Insight News
  • FIPP’s brand partnership with PressReader deepens

    On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the digital newspaper and magazine distribution and publishing pioneer, PressReader, FIPP has announced the deepening of its brand partnership with the original ‘Netflix for News’.

    Published 08 May 2019 Features
  • Playing the media dating game: PressReader on how to attract more readers and more revenues

    Here, PressReader’s chief content officer, Nikolay Malyarov, talks to us about the media dating game: how publishers can attract more readers by placing an audience-centric focus at the heart of their distribution strategy. 

    Published 15 April 2019 Features
  • The Digital Edition's Quinceañero: 15 lessons over 15 years

    In November 2018, we co-hosted an Insider event with FIPP in Argentina and Chile about the role and value of digital editions. Given the Latin American venue, I decided to use a local coming-of-age tradition - a quinceañero -  the 15th birthday milestone when a girl transitions from a child into a young woman in the community.

    Published 11 April 2019 Opinion
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