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  • Facebook's director of media partnerships on how publishers can work with the platform

    Last year Facebook hired Jesper Doub, who was then CEO of German media giant Spiegel Online, to lead its new media partnership team. In the past the high profile executive has been both a critic of Facebook and a passionate advocate of its Facebook Journalism Project.

    Published 18 March 2019 Features
  • Facebook’s pivot to privacy

    With Facebook facing a deluge of investigations across the globe by governments and their regulators into privacy misdemeanors, the social network’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week announced plans to pivot the entire company towards private messaging.

    Published 08 March 2019 Features
  • As the noose tightens, can Facebook face down regulatory scrutiny?

    Facebook faces a deluge of investigations by regulators into privacy practices and seem ready to pay some of the largest fines ever imposed on a technology company. While fines won’t kill the cash rich social media giant, regulation just might. Nobody seems to have grasped this more than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who is slowly starting to make good on promises to make his platform more responsible.

    Published 04 March 2019 Features
  • Chart of the week: Facebook remains a major gateway to online news

    Despite the scandals Facebook has been entangled with over the past 12 months, the world’s largest social network remains a popular source of news for Americans, far ahead of any other social network.

    Published 03 December 2018 Insight News
  • Facebook launches Portal: is now the right time to be putting cameras into people’s living rooms?

    On Monday, Facebook launched Portal, a brand new hardware product designed to facilitate consumer conference calling. But on the back of the company’s biggest ever data breach, criticism of the device has already been high. 

    Published 10 October 2018 Opinion
  • Facebook Watch and the growth of video platforms

    A year after its launch Facebook is finally rolling out its new video service, Facebook Watch, across the globe. Yet its expansion arrives at an intriguing time for the video market. There are the first signs that the hegemony enjoyed by YouTube for nigh on a decade is now potentially under threat, not just from Facebook, but from multiple rival platforms.

    Published 10 September 2018 Features
  • Facebook’s first print magazine - will it ‘Grow’ (or go up in smoke?)

    Those who know only a little about some of the world’s more weird and wonderful magazines, will be aware that Grow Magazine is the most ‘quintessential cannabis horticulture magazine’ in the world, available in all 50 US states, and Canada. This does beg the question: why did Facebook decide to give its first official magazine the same name? More pertinently, why did the social media platform, which insists it’s not a publisher, decide to put out a magazine at all?

    Published 18 June 2018 Features
  • Mark Zuckerberg leaves recent Newsfeed changes out of his F8 keynote

    On Tuesday 1 May, and exactly three weeks after his US Senate hearing, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivered his highly anticipated keynote at the company's F8 Developer Conference in San José, California. If you were a media executive looking forward to any kind of comment or further development about Facebook's recent changes to its Newsfeed algorithm, you would be in for a disappointment.

    Published 02 May 2018 Industry News
  • Five key media tech trends from April

    The media industry was in the consumer press spotlight again in April, as Sir Martin Sorrell resigned from WPP and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg took to the US congressional stand. We look at five of the key media tech trends from the month here.

    Published 30 April 2018 Features
  • Chart of the week: Google's replacing Facebook as top referrer to publishers

    Facebook hasn’t made many friends among publishers lately. The company’s announcement that it would de-prioritise publishing content in its algorithm had many in the industry up in arms. However, there are signs that the drop in referral traffic from Facebook is offset by traffic gains coming from Google searches, especially in the mobile section.

    Published 26 February 2018 Insight News
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