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  • Facebook invests $100M to support news industry during Coronavirus crisis

    Facebook has announced a $100 million investment to support the news industry with important COVID-19 pandemic coverage. 

    Published 30 March 2020 Industry News
  • Facebook debuts News section

    Facebook’s long promised olive branch to publishers, the Facebook News section, which features content exclusively from media companies, has finally gone live today in the US. 

    Published 25 October 2019 Industry News
  • 6 questions about Facebook’s planned oversight body

    In mid-September, Facebook published the framework for creating an oversight body to make “principled, independent decisions” about controversial content published on the social network. Is this Zuckerberg’s ‘wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing’ or a genuine effort to protect free and responsible expression?

    Published 23 September 2019 Features
  • Will Facebook save local journalism?

    The first round of recipients of grants to fund community journalism, paid for by Facebook, was announced on 17 July with a second round of grants also announced in the US. While many are happy as grants of up to US$25,000 remain up for grabs, others remain skeptical about the social media giant’s intentions.

    Published 12 August 2019 Features
  • The real reason why newspapers are losing to Facebook

    There’s a major problem facing communities everywhere — local news is losing the competition for advertisers to the duopoly (Facebook and Google). These two firms account for around 70 per cent of all digital ad spending globally, which has forced closures and cutbacks and severely threatened the future of journalism.

    Published 20 June 2019 Opinion
  • Facebook regulation: good news for the traditional media industry?

    With calls increasing for greater Facebook regulation around the world, FIPP here speaks to publishers, policy experts, and other industry professionals about what this could mean for the traditional media industry. 

    Published 23 April 2019 Features
  • Facebook's director of media partnerships on how publishers can work with the platform

    Last year Facebook hired Jesper Doub, who was then CEO of German media giant Spiegel Online, to lead its new media partnership team. In the past the high profile executive has been both a critic of Facebook and a passionate advocate of its Facebook Journalism Project.

    Published 18 March 2019 Features
  • Facebook’s pivot to privacy

    With Facebook facing a deluge of investigations across the globe by governments and their regulators into privacy misdemeanors, the social network’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week announced plans to pivot the entire company towards private messaging.

    Published 08 March 2019 Features
  • As the noose tightens, can Facebook face down regulatory scrutiny?

    Facebook faces a deluge of investigations by regulators into privacy practices and seem ready to pay some of the largest fines ever imposed on a technology company. While fines won’t kill the cash rich social media giant, regulation just might. Nobody seems to have grasped this more than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who is slowly starting to make good on promises to make his platform more responsible.

    Published 04 March 2019 Features
  • Chart of the week: Facebook remains a major gateway to online news

    Despite the scandals Facebook has been entangled with over the past 12 months, the world’s largest social network remains a popular source of news for Americans, far ahead of any other social network.

    Published 03 December 2018 Insight News
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