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  • Troy Young named president of Hearst Magazines

    Hearst announced today that Troy Young has been named president of Hearst Magazines. He succeeds David Carey, who becomes chairman of the division, after previously announcing his decision to step down. The announcement was made by Hearst president and CEO Steven R. Swartz and chief operating officer Mark Aldam. The appointment is effective immediately.

    Published 25 July 2018 Industry News
  • David Carey stepping down as president of Hearst Magazines

    David Carey, the president of Hearst Magazines since 2010 and the architect of some of the most successful magazine launches at that company in recent decades, is stepping down at the end of the year, according to the company.

    Published 25 June 2018 Industry News
  •’s new digital director on embracing innovation, ambitious storytelling and ‘keeping things in motion’

    Jessica Pels was named digital director of in January. She oversees the content and editorial operations for all of Cosmopolitan’s digital efforts. In the five months since her appointment, Pels has helped revamp the publication's digital presence, seen's traffic increase by 36 per cent, and launched half a dozen varied projects. 

    Published 28 May 2018 Features
  • Hearst's House Beautiful builds house-sized brand extension

    House Beautiful's latest brand extension is their first-ever custom-built show house, the culmination of the magazine's year-long wellness initiative.

    Published 02 May 2018 Features
  • How Seventeen helps teens engage in social activism

    On March 24, Seventeen magazine rolled out an initiative to bring 30 New York City teen activists to the #MarchForOurLives in Washington, D.C. The event, which was created and led by students, saw tens of thousands of people, including students, march down Pennsylvania Avenue to condemn gun violence and mass shootings in schools and call for increased safety regulations. (There were also over 800 'sibling' marches held in cities around the world.)

    Published 26 April 2018 Features
  • Get ready for the Amazonification of media

    In a world where content distribution has gone digital, we are witnessing the death of industrial marketing - paving the way for the Amazonification of media: a digital environment were the gap between inspiration and transaction will be closed down almost completely, says Troy Young, Global President, Hearst Digital Media, USA.

    Published 19 March 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ Interview: "I like to feel that our readers aren’t a mailing list," says William R. Hearst III

    “I wanted to deal with things that last a little bit longer. I was thinking about the people that I know: writers, photographers, editors; these are people who often write books, that take some time to write something. I was less interested in immediacy; I wanted things that had a lasting quality.” Will Hearst

    Published 31 January 2018 Features
  • Why Hearst is betting big on voice

    Hearst is betting on voice platforms as a long-term priority as it continues to develop products for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant platforms. Last year, the media giant experimented with producing voice content for Elle, O, the Oprah magazine, Good Housekeeping, and say they’ve seen enough to delve into it more.

    Published 22 January 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ Interview: Print is never going to go away, says Hearst’s Joanna Coles

    “I think you’re seeing a move-back to print; a move-back to the appreciation that print is restorative; it’s actually information that you take in. We know that there was a connection between the tactile, taking in of information… so, the touching of print and the absorption of information. And I feel very confident that print will continue to evolve and remain relevant.” - Joanna Coles

    Published 08 December 2017 Features
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