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  • Travel + Leisure launches Locals, a new IGTV series

    Meredith Corporation’s Travel + Leisure has announced the launch of Locals, a new monthly series for Instagram TV (IGTV) that will offer a look of a destination through a local’s eyes. The first episode, “Eat Ramen Like a Local,” is already available on IGTV.

    Published 19 November 2018 Launches
  • How publishers are using Instagram’s IGTV

    2018 might have been a challenging year for its parent company Facebook, but for Instagram it has largely been business as usual. The image/video based platform has posted excellent traffic and revenue figures and has continued to establish itself as one of the social media channels of choice for Generation Z.

    Published 13 August 2018 Features
  • Behind The Economist's first graphic novel on Instagram

    A couple of weeks ago, The Economist published a graphic novel on Instagram, called "Data Detectives". The production of the piece was a group effort involving Oliver Morton, senior editor and briefings editor; Jon Fasman, Washington DC correspondent; Rob Gifford, Britain correspondent, Stephen Petch, art director, Ria Jones, digital and social media picture editor, Ben Shmulevitch, editorial designer; Matt Withers, graphic designer and Simon Myers, freelance graphic designer and illustrator. 

    Published 09 July 2018 Features
  • Chart of the week: Photo-centric magazines are doing well on Instagram Instagram has developed into an important marketing channel alongside the other usual suspects, like Facebook and Twitter. Data published by Magazine Media 360 indicates that some magazines really know how to exploit this channel well. Published 26 June 2017 Insight News
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