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  • Cold War Steve on media, politics, and not selling out

    Christopher Spencer aka Cold War Steve is a visual artist from the UK, currently making huge waves across the global media sphere. We recently caught up with him and his manager at the FIPP World Media Congress in Las Vegas to find out more.  

    Published 09 December 2019 Features
  • How FIPP board member Julia Raphaely keeps Associated Media Publishing's brands in the spotlight

    Associated Media Publishing is a private company in South Africa that has been in operation for 38 years. Being a family business has allowed the company to be more agile, more innovative, CEO Julia Raphaely outlined in a presentation on November 14, at the FIPP World Media Congress in Las Vegas. 

    Published 09 December 2019 Features
  • Pillars for developing future proof revenue models

    The bedrock for building pillars to new revenue opportunities remains good content, Jonathan Wright, Global Managing Director at Dow Jones in Hong Kong told delegates on the first day of the 42nd FIPP World Media Congress in Las Vegas.

    Published 02 December 2019 Features
  • Condé Nast's Eric Gillin on brand building, listening, and solving problems

    Magazine brands, listening and monetisation were a hot topic of conversation at a fireside chat, at the FIPP World Media Congress, 13 November in Las Vegas with Eric Gillin, the chief business officer at Condé Nast's Culture division, and Peter Houston, Co-host of the Media Voices Podcast.

    Published 25 November 2019 Features
  • After chasing scale, Hearst is doubling down on influence

    Over the last number of years, Hearst and other major magazine media companies have been chasing scale. Magazine media companies all wanted to be big, explained Brooke Siegel, VP of Content at Hearst. Siegel, who oversees 25+ brands at Hearst, spoke about how Hearst is optimising content at FIPP World Media Congress in Las Vegas, on 12 November.

    Published 13 November 2019 Features
  • Learning from Trusted Media Brands transformation into a multi-platform company

    Bonnie Kintzer, CEO of Trusted Media Brands, USA, outlined the company's path to success over the last six years and the seven steps she now finds pertinent to transformation, during the opening session of the 42nd FIPP World Media Congress, taking place at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, 12 November. 

    Published 12 November 2019 Features
  • Forbes, Monocle and Trusted Media Brands on how to transform a publishing business

    In the lead up to a major debate on media ownership and business models at the forthcoming FIPP World Media Congress, Forbes CEO Mike Federle, Trusted Media Brands CEO Bonnie Kintzer, and Monocle creator Tyler Brûlé share their views on what drives their businesses’ current success and future growth.

    Published 24 October 2019 Features
  • Ad-funded journalism is a thing of the past. Time to adapt, warns FIPP president and CEO

    As the era of ad-funded publishing draws to a close, media companies need to not only diversify revenue models, but also get better at predicting what the future will bring and respond positively to change and monetise from it, FIPP President and CEO James Hewes told delegates at FIPP Insider in Paris. 

    Published 21 October 2019 Features
  • 10 startups solving key issues for media companies and magazine publishers

    The last few years have witnessed a renaissance in media focused startups. Powered by initiatives like Artificial Intelligence and blockchain, the new breed of companies have sought to answer some of the key issues that have dogged media and publishing companies for the past decade. How can they scale the amount of content they produce? How can they increase the number of people paying for it? And how best to harness social media to target new consumers and turn them into regular followers - and maybe even paying customers? Here, then, are ten new-ish companies that have all made great strides in their attempt to simplify the world of media.

    Published 14 October 2019 Features
  • Spotlighting brands at FIPP Insider South Africa

    Cosmopolitan South Africa’s August cover star will be part of an exciting line-up of media and brand experts who will discuss the secrets of successful collaboration in spotlighting brands in magazine media at this month’s FIPP Insider events in South Africa.

    Published 12 August 2019 FIPP News
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