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  • Mr. Magazine™: Humanised content and your very human audience – it’s not bots out there reading your stuff

    In the summer of 2008, I wrote an article for the magazine of the Custom Publishing Council called “Content.” And while I realise that was 10 years ago, some things never age, such as the content of the “Content” article. That’s a lot of “content” you might say, and I agree with you. But content, good content combined with experience making, is what magazines are all about and custom publishing is still just as relevant and prevalent as it was in ’08, even more so.

    Published 20 July 2018 Opinion
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: "We have to find new ways to tap into the consumers", Time Inc. Retail president

    “You ask me why I’m bullish. I believe in the power of print in this digital age for several reasons. First and foremost, we at Meredith, and you know this already, have incredible, leading, iconic, trusted, powerful brands. And in this day and age of fake news that matters to our consumers. We see it. That’s part of the reason I’m so bullish on the SIP’s (special interest publications), and we see that when we hit the mark, such as The Royal Wedding for People or Magnolia Journal and other titles. I won’t beleaguer the phenomenal special editions or bookazines’ growth.” Drew Wintemberg, president, Time Inc. Retail

    Published 05 July 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Jo Packham, a self-proclaimed woman of ideas

    “I’m a traditional print girl. I was in book publishing for 30 years. When that ended and I got the opportunity to do the magazines; I don’t even go on Instagram. I don’t answer my phone; I hate anything technological. I really love paper and print. I wouldn’t have even considered anything else.” Jo Packham

    Published 06 June 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Samir Husni speaks with Jeremy Leslie, owner and curator, Mag Culture

    “I’ve always had a fundamental belief in it (print), but what encourages me to continue that deep belief is the wave after wave of new magazines with fantastic ideas and fantastic values; just the good stuff that’s being made is what continues to inspire and excite me.” Jeremy Leslie, owner and curator, Mag Culture

    Published 23 May 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: House Beautiful and the concept of wellness and better living through design

    I do think that the way readers engage with the magazine versus digital or social platforms, for example, it is a little bit different. We still have a halo or a level of importance, in a way, with the fact that something has been printed. We had to go through all of these steps, we had to make it in the flesh. There is something that still resonates with readers about print. That’s why you see, for example, in higher-ticket items, there is more of a trustworthiness that readers report when they read about something in print versus digitally. There’s a little bit of integrity, importance and trustworthiness that the medium itself delivers.” Sophie Donelson, editor-in-chief, House Beautiful

    Published 07 May 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Entertainment Weekly proves weekly magazine brands can stand strong on all platforms

    “I don’t just consider myself editor-in-chief of a weekly magazine, but of an entire content organisation. I became editor-in-chief a little over three years ago, and I remember when I was growing up, I felt that Entertainment Weekly set the agenda for that particular week’s conversation, like this is what we need to be psyched about in entertainment. So, I really tried to move that thought process into the 21st century. And I really want to give readers something on the cover of this magazine and inside the magazine that they can’t get on the internet, that they can’t find on anyone’s social media feed, because of what our access allows.” Henry Goldblatt, EIC, Entertainment Weekly

    Published 12 April 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Seventeen, a brand that’s helping today’s teens change our world

     “They’re still getting a lot of information from a lot of places and when you’re talking about print in particular, we’re kind of tuning out the noise for them. And so they come to print to really get a more curated experience and to find out things that they may not be getting on social media or from their friends. We’re this big sister that’s there for them. The things that we cover in the magazine and online are sometimes similar and sometimes different. There are still things in the magazine that are there for them. And who doesn’t want to see themselves in print, let’s be honest. It’s very special.” - Joey Bartolomeo, executive editor, Seventeen magazine

    Published 05 April 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Brides magazine, making The “I do’s” more real and the magazine more human

    “I think content is whatever audiences respond to. We’re creating content all over the place. We’re creating video content; we’re creating content especially for Instagram stories; we’re creating content in the magazine that is in the form of well stories, as well as a back page that’s become a very different thing than it has been in the past.” Lisa Gooder, executive director, editorial, Brides Magazine

    Published 14 March 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Behind Bonnier’s secret for creating better quality content with less workforce

    “The notion that print is dead is not accurate. I think print isn’t dead, it’s just different. Gone are the times where you can operate with an inflated rate base or 12 times per year as a standard. And I think gone are the days too where you were just concerned with whether there was enough fax paper in the machine where you got all of your signed insertion orders back. Those days are behind us. But print for many companies, Bonnier included, is still profitable. It’s just not at the margins that we once enjoyed. And I feel strongly that brands that sit one or two in a category or vertical can thrive if managed correctly.” - Eric Zinczenko, CEO, Bonnier Corporation

    Published 12 March 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: New York magazine EIC Adam Moss on mag covers, long-form journalism and more

    “The cover is no longer really to sell magazines on newsstand. As newsstands have become so much less important to all of us, the cover has a different function. It is basically the brand statement of what we make. It declares what we think is important or interesting; it declares our voice. Also, it’s an amazing document for the purposes of social media. Social media takes your cover and distributes it all over the place and it becomes an advertisement for the magazine that’s actually more important than it was originally meant to be when it was to stimulate newsstand sales.” - Adam Moss, editor-in-chief, New York magazine

    Published 28 February 2018 Features
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