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  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Troy Young, president, Hearst Magazines, on creating content with purpose

    “I would say that in all mediums we have to serve the customers and understand how we are serving those customers. And I call that content with purpose. And I think we just have to be incredibly mindful, whenever we’re delivering a magazine into someone’s home or we are engaging that consumer on YouTube, why we’re there and how we make someone’s life better. Print is heavily edited and curated and it’s like a celebration or an event that happens once a month. And there’s something really wonderful about that. And it’s a lean-back experience that I think gives a consumer a break from the intensity of the digital world. And I think increasingly that people are going to look for that. So, print plays a really important role in saying this is important and this has a place in culture, and take a moment to think and read about this and consume it. And I think our magazines are going to play an important role in how we do that for a long, long time.” - Troy Young on the role of print today

    Published 30 November 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Real Simple, bucking the trends by giving readers a “Life Made Easier”

     “It’s our usefulness. We promise women that we’re going to help them get organised, get in control, and give them back time. We sold more issues, the August issue of Real Simple, on newsstands in 2018 than we did in 2017. And the cover line was 'More Time for You.' And I really think that is what women are looking for; they feel busy, and life for women in 2018 is complex as it was when we launched, but maybe even more so now. And there’s something useful for women throughout this magazine. It’s an uplifting, positive message that we have for women.” Leslie Yazel, editor-in-chief, Real Simple

    Published 31 October 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Martha Stewart Living’s Christine Guilfoyle on embracing disruption

    “I think that editorial integration in celebrity brands is more delicate. I don’t want to say more challenging, I think it’s more delicate, because again, it’s about the consumer. You have to make sure that the integration is authentic to the consumer. And I don’t know that agencies and/or clients fully understand intellectually the relationship that the content and the consumer have and the level of authenticity around the integration.” Christine Guilfoyle, SVP, group publisher Meredith’s Women’s Group

    Published 25 October 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Men's Health, a Hearst legacy brand with a "stronger, faster, better" focus

    “When I say strong, faster, better, I don’t just mean that as far as goals for the reader, it’s really what the magazine is about. We’re hopefully a stronger brand; we’re faster at processing things and in delivering information and inspiration to our readers; and we’re just constantly trying to get better. We’re embodying the values of the brand, which is self-improvement.” Richard Dorment, editor-in-chief, Men's Health

    Published 13 September 2018 Features
  • A Mr. Magazine™ musing: The wonderful world of new magazines

    Spin the globe of this wonderful planet we live on and at any point of stop – almost surely you’ll find a new magazine’s homeland. From China to Latvia, Lebanon to the US, new titles are being born and welcomed onto newsstands. Each and every one is a beautiful edition to the world of print and offers another voice into the magazine conversation. The following titles are ones that I discovered being published in English. I hope you enjoy their beautiful covers!

    Published 06 September 2018 Launches
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Strange Science, reverse engineering creating reverse publishing

    “Coming back to some fundamentals that we who love magazines have been talking about for years. I think there’s a physical, tangible reality to magazines that you don’t get online. There’s a durability there in a print product and to a certain extent, there’s a promise that the time and effort that would go into creating and editing and vetting that content in a more durable form, whereas I think online, and we’re seeing this, it’s a voracious beast, where you have to constantly be cranking out new content.” - Steve George, vice president, content, Kalmbach Media

    Published 24 August 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: NewBeauty Magazine, a relaunch that highlights editorial integrity and authority

    “It’s a huge population and a very affluent audience. They actually have more spendable income and more money. In the beauty space, it’s completely underserved, so when you think about it, to me, it’s an amazing opportunity to speak to women who are hungry to have this kind of information. No one is really intelligently speaking to them, so that is a strong business reason.” - Agnes Chapski on why Baby Boomers and Gen Xer’s are so important to NewBeauty

    Published 08 August 2018 Features
  • Mr. Magazine™: Humanised content and your very human audience – it’s not bots out there reading your stuff

    In the summer of 2008, I wrote an article for the magazine of the Custom Publishing Council called “Content.” And while I realise that was 10 years ago, some things never age, such as the content of the “Content” article. That’s a lot of “content” you might say, and I agree with you. But content, good content combined with experience making, is what magazines are all about and custom publishing is still just as relevant and prevalent as it was in ’08, even more so.

    Published 20 July 2018 Opinion
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: "We have to find new ways to tap into the consumers", Time Inc. Retail president

    “You ask me why I’m bullish. I believe in the power of print in this digital age for several reasons. First and foremost, we at Meredith, and you know this already, have incredible, leading, iconic, trusted, powerful brands. And in this day and age of fake news that matters to our consumers. We see it. That’s part of the reason I’m so bullish on the SIP’s (special interest publications), and we see that when we hit the mark, such as The Royal Wedding for People or Magnolia Journal and other titles. I won’t beleaguer the phenomenal special editions or bookazines’ growth.” Drew Wintemberg, president, Time Inc. Retail

    Published 05 July 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Jo Packham, a self-proclaimed woman of ideas

    “I’m a traditional print girl. I was in book publishing for 30 years. When that ended and I got the opportunity to do the magazines; I don’t even go on Instagram. I don’t answer my phone; I hate anything technological. I really love paper and print. I wouldn’t have even considered anything else.” Jo Packham

    Published 06 June 2018 Features
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