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  • Bloomberg research reveals insights into audience news consumption

    Bloomberg Media’s innovation department, BHIVE, recently revealed the results of a study into the habits of different types of news consumers. Here, we talk to Karen Johnson, head of design research for BHIVE at Bloomberg Media, about the research. 

    Published 18 February 2019 Insight News
  • Matthew Monahan, director of Arc Publishing at WashPo, on speed and innovation in the newsroom

    One of the trickiest problems facing newsrooms and magazine publishers is finding a content management system robust enough to cope with the myriad challenges of digital publishing. It is a problem that The Washington Post has sought to address with Arc. The system, which is available to other publishers as a hosted SaaS platform, combines traditional CMS style features alongside advanced analytics suites, revenue solutions and a whole lot more. 

    Published 08 March 2018 Features
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