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  • When advertising goes… DIS focus on alternative revenue streams

    With both the dream of monetising reach and the digital advertising model going up in smoke for publishers, several speakers at this year’s Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin turned their focus to alternative revenue streams. Apart from subscription models, ecommerce received special attention.

    Published 16 April 2018 Features
  • Harper’s Bazaar launches The Bazaar Literary Salon

    Harper’s Bazaar has launched The Bazaar Literary Salon – a new event where Bazaar readers will be able to meet highly acclaimed female authors, publishers and agents.

    Published 04 April 2018 Launches
  • Cosmopolitan Russia launches CosmoShop

    Cosmopolitan, a member of the Union of publishers of Russia (GIPP), launched its CosmoShop project – an online shopping service under the its glossy brand in Russia. The first project of its kind in the Russian media market, it creates a new trend in the region's ecommerce landscape.

    Published 03 April 2018 Launches
  • How TechRadar uses precision content and ecommerce to engage audiences and increase revenue

    Future’s TechRadar reached a milestone late last year - their 4 billionth page view, after 10 years of operation. FIPP caught up with Marc Chacksfield, the interim global editor-in-chief and one of TechRadar’s founding members, to see how the site is consistently innovating distribution and monetisation methods to engage its audience and increase revenue.

    Published 15 March 2018 Features
  • It’s ‘all’ about reader revenues, say Innovation Report editors

    Without generating revenues directly from readers, journalism is doomed, write the editors of FIPP and Innovation Media Consulting’s Innovation World Report in their editors’ letter for the 2018/19 edition.

    Published 04 March 2018 Insight News
  • Three steps to leveraging the data swamp: turn data overwhelm into revenue control

    Good reporting is the life blood of any effective organisation. Clean data, clear reporting insight and right strategy are points on a continuum to maximum revenue. But today reporting has evolved to a swamp of endless possibilities, and not exactly a clear one. Add the fact that everyone uses different metrics and the frustration is complete.

    Published 02 March 2018 Opinion
  • The pivot to ‘clubscription’

    In a publishing environment where traditional income streams are under extreme pressure, subscriber models and clubs are merging.

    Published 12 February 2018 Features
  • Haymarket delivers a substantial rise in operating profit

    Haymarket Media Group, the leading international specialist media, technology and information company, has filed annual accounts showing a substantial increase in operating profit to GBP £16.0m (2016: £4.3m), boosted by the divestment of non-core motorsport and agricultural brands. Meanwhile net debt has been reduced to £1.0m (2016: £17.3m) in the 12 months to 30 June.

    Published 30 January 2018 Industry News
  • Forbes' revenue diversification into branded content and live events is big business

    101 year old business magazine Forbes is practicing what the publication preaches and diversifying revenue streams to attract new audiences and advertisers. Here, in this exclusive video interview for FIPP, two of the media company's most senior representatives talk us through the publication's key focusses for 2018 including branded content, live events, and interestingly at a time of consolidation in other areas of the media industry, expanding its editorial team.  

    Published 29 January 2018 Features
  • Publishers on the big audience revenue questions of 2018

    In a competitive advertising climate with dwindling venture capital invested into digital media experiments, drawing revenues directly from audiences has seen some brands prosper, while others waned. Heading into 2018, one of the biggest media questions will be how to convert audience loyalty into revenue.

    Published 08 January 2018 Features


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