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  • WSJ on placing the subscription model at the heart of international partnerships

    Joe Martin is vice president for commercial partnerships for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), focussing on the Asia-Pacific region. Here, he looks at how the publication is leveraging its brand globally to grow the audiences of itself and the international partner companies that it works with.

    Published 06 December 2018 Features
  • What Aller Media learnt from implementing a personalised subscription strategy

    Algorithms to personalise a subscription strategy for Dagbladet, one of Norway’s largest newspapers, “didn’t need to be black magic”, explained Christoph Schmitz, product developer at Aller Media, during the recent FIPP Insider event in Amsterdam. That said, they had to first wade through their share of mistakes and problems before finding “simple” solutions.  

    Published 22 November 2018 Features
  • NYMag’s The Strategist launches SoHo pop-up shop for holidays

    Last month, New York magazine's ecommerce site The Strategist announced the November launch of a pop-up retail shop for the holiday season.

    Published 13 November 2018 Features
  • Has the time come for content micropayments?

    In the ongoing search for new sources of revenue, magazine publishers have always been enthusiastic about the prospect of charging readers small sums of money to read individual articles. Yet until fairly recently, monetising content in this way has been thwarted by the lack of a simple-to-implement, user-friendly solution and a fear that consumers simply won’t pay.

    Published 09 November 2018 Features
  • Heart Media taps into the wealth of cryptocurrencies

    Through its new platform,, publisher Heart Media in Singapore brings a world of luxury goods and services to so-called ‘crypto-affluents’. Heart Media CEO Olivier Burlot explains how a print publisher acquired only five years ago, now provides readers access to a spectrum of curated luxury lifestyle products, services and experiences via the use of crypto-currencies.

    Published 24 October 2018 Features
  • Chart of the week: Subscriptions lead digital content spending

    Throughout the past decade, one of the key challenges for content owners and publishers has been how to get people to pay for digital content that they were used to getting for free.

    Published 15 October 2018 Insight News
  • How Pop-Up Magazine does live storytelling

    Pop-Up Magazine is a magazine unlike any other. Launched nine years ago in San Francisco, each issue is performed in front of a live audience with writers, filmmakers, photographers, radio producers, and since 2014, has been on tour across the United States.

    Published 15 October 2018 Features
  • Condé Nast shoots November covers with Google's new Pixel 3 mobile

    Google and Condé Nast announced a partnership to capture November covers of Allure, Architectural Digest, Bon Appetit, Condé Nast Traveler, Glamour, GQ and W with Google’s new Pixel 3 phone. Along with the seven covers, Condé Nast’s brands are also capturing a digital cover for GQ, Behind-the-Scenes editorial pages in-book as well as editorial videos, all recorded with the Pixel 3.

    Published 10 October 2018 Industry News
  • When chasing reader revenue, if you churn, you burn

    The 2016/17 rush to [subscription] reader revenue as the sole income source continues to baffle me given paywalls’ less than stellar results in the past decade. But be that as it may, 2018/19 looks to be heading towards more of the same.

    Published 24 September 2018 Opinion
  • Stick or Twist?

    In Blackjack, use the following rules to determine when to stick, according to your hand and the dealer’s face-up card:

    Published 07 September 2018 Opinion
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