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  • Lessons from Time's ground-breaking two year immersive VR project, The March

    After three years of ground-breaking work, Time launched its immersive VR project, The March in late February, which brings Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech and the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, to virtual life.

    Published 30 March 2020 Features
  • Magazine media’s flagship global event and a media tour to LA

    The 42nd FIPP World Congress in Las Vegas is almost upon us, and apart from attending magazine media’s flagship global event, FIPP now also offers you an opportunity to bolt on a media tour to Silicon Beach in Los Angeles, a short hop by plane away.

    Published 17 October 2019 FIPP News
  • Magazines elevate storytelling to focus on climate change

    September 24-30 was Climate Change Week in New York, and the United Nations Climate Action Summit and General Assembly. Facing climate change is a task for all nations, as impacts are being felt everywhere, from rising sea levels, to increasing heat waves, and record levels of emissions. It's an issue that affects every citizen and country on the planet in myriad ways. It's become an area for magazine publishers to not only devote entire issues to, but to go that extra mile in their storytelling.

    Published 02 October 2019 Features
  • Enhance your storytelling experience: visit the movie capital of the world

    With the city’s roots in the movies, it is not surprising Los Angeles’ tech scene include several companies at the crossroads of storytelling and tech. FIPP is offering you a chance to visit some of these companies post the FIPP World Media Congress in Las Vegas (12-14 November) with a tour of LA’s Silicon Beach.

    Published 30 September 2019 FIPP News
  • Behind Insider's rewritten and illustrated Mueller Report

    In FIPP's continuing series looking behind the scenes of ground-breaking multimedia storytelling, we focus on a recent feature from Insider that delved into the Mueller Report.

    Published 26 August 2019 Features
  • How live journalism is gaining traction and engaging audiences around the world

    The concept of live journalism, where journalists, illustrators, writers, editors, columnists, graphic designers, photographers, podcasters and artists, perform pieces of original content adapted for the stage, is growing beyond its Pop-Up magazine roots, and expanding across North America and Europe. 

    Published 08 April 2019 Features
  • How Pop-Up Magazine does live storytelling

    Pop-Up Magazine is a magazine unlike any other. Launched nine years ago in San Francisco, each issue is performed in front of a live audience with writers, filmmakers, photographers, radio producers, and since 2014, has been on tour across the United States.

    Published 15 October 2018 Features
  • ProPublica brings levee and flooding to life with interactive storytelling

    In our latest feature in FIPP's series delving behind the scenes of amazing multimedia features created by media companies around the world, we came across a ProPublica investigation into river levees in the US mid-west.

    Published 01 October 2018 Features
  • Can slow journalism march on… slowly?

    As news cycles speed up, 'slow' journalism seems to be slowing down. These days, to don the robe of a slow journalist, deadlines - and even scoops - are negated in seeking out accuracy, proportionality, fairness and, it seems Pulitzer prizes. An employer that can afford to pay a journalist an annual salary to tell one in-depth story  a year may come in handy too.

    Published 09 July 2018 Features
  • Behind The Economist's first graphic novel on Instagram

    A couple of weeks ago, The Economist published a graphic novel on Instagram, called "Data Detectives". The production of the piece was a group effort involving Oliver Morton, senior editor and briefings editor; Jon Fasman, Washington DC correspondent; Rob Gifford, Britain correspondent, Stephen Petch, art director, Ria Jones, digital and social media picture editor, Ben Shmulevitch, editorial designer; Matt Withers, graphic designer and Simon Myers, freelance graphic designer and illustrator. 

    Published 09 July 2018 Features
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