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  • How Pop-Up Magazine does live storytelling

    Pop-Up Magazine is a magazine unlike any other. Launched nine years ago in San Francisco, each issue is performed in front of a live audience with writers, filmmakers, photographers, radio producers, and since 2014, has been on tour across the United States.

    Published 15 October 2018 Features
  • ProPublica brings levee and flooding to life with interactive storytelling

    In our latest feature in FIPP's series delving behind the scenes of amazing multimedia features created by media companies around the world, we came across a ProPublica investigation into river levees in the US mid-west.

    Published 01 October 2018 Features
  • Can slow journalism march on… slowly?

    As news cycles speed up, 'slow' journalism seems to be slowing down. These days, to don the robe of a slow journalist, deadlines - and even scoops - are negated in seeking out accuracy, proportionality, fairness and, it seems Pulitzer prizes. An employer that can afford to pay a journalist an annual salary to tell one in-depth story  a year may come in handy too.

    Published 09 July 2018 Features
  • Behind The Economist's first graphic novel on Instagram

    A couple of weeks ago, The Economist published a graphic novel on Instagram, called "Data Detectives". The production of the piece was a group effort involving Oliver Morton, senior editor and briefings editor; Jon Fasman, Washington DC correspondent; Rob Gifford, Britain correspondent, Stephen Petch, art director, Ria Jones, digital and social media picture editor, Ben Shmulevitch, editorial designer; Matt Withers, graphic designer and Simon Myers, freelance graphic designer and illustrator. 

    Published 09 July 2018 Features
  • Far & Away magazine: the result of NatGeo's storytelling and WSJ's global insights

    Earlier this month, National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal partnered to launch a new magazine, “Far & Away,” a luxury business travel publication. The first issue was distributed with the May 19 edition of the Journal, and the publishers hope to print it twice this year with the goal of increased frequency in 2019.

    Published 31 May 2018 Features
  • BBC Travel - how multimedia galleries are (not) changing good storytelling

    Who said old hacks cannot learn new tricks? Regular contributor to, Piet van Niekerk, content director at Content Cows, explains how multimedia gallery storytelling introduced by BBC Travel has forced him to embrace new skills.

    Published 29 May 2018 Features
  • How drones get impossible shots for Bonnier and National Geographic

    For magazine media, drones capture aerial images of remote, hard to reach, and otherwise inaccessible areas, conveying perspectives and offering insight in a way boots-on-the-ground journalism can't. They allow magazine media to give audiences a bird's eye view, showing scale, teaching and telling stories in new ways.

    Published 14 February 2018 Features
  • [Congress speaker Q&A] Drones taking flight… responsibly

    Steven Flynn is co-founder of Skytango, a marketplace platform to “promote and incentivise compliance and encourage better behaviours” in the fast-evolving space of drone filming.

    Published 01 June 2017 Features
  • How the tourism sector thinks about storytelling, platforms You would expect “emotional” storytelling and content marketing to feature high on the agenda at a publishers’ convention. But in the tourism sector? Yes. At the world’s largest tourism expo - ITB in Berlin last month - these topics were central themes. Visit Finland set the scene, explaining why they have created their own new digital magazine, in German, for content marketing.  Published 13 April 2017 Features
  • Does Netflix's focus on 'stories over device' go for publishers, too?

    Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told delegates at the Mobile World Congress this week that the brand does not design for mobile, but focuses more on the stories they tell than the size of screens they are viewed on.

    Published 01 March 2017 Industry News
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