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  • Apple launches controversial magazine media subscription platform

    At a live event on Monday afternoon, Apple launched its USD$9.99 /month news and magazine subscription platform, something like a Spotify for magazines. An important launch partner is The Wall Street Journal, one of only two major publications to sign on to the new subscription platform.

    Published 26 March 2019 Features
  • Revealed: Trends in global paid content

    American newspapers dominate the digital subscriber market but the trend towards digital subscriptions is fast becoming an international phenomenon, said James Hewes, president and CEO of FIPP at this year’s Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin. He was sharing data from the 2019 Global Digital Subscriptions Snapshot with 500 media executives from 40 nations attending the event.

    Published 26 March 2019 Features
  • How paid content was an instant success for Bloomberg

    Paid content has been a surprising success for Bloomberg after launching a paywall in May last year. The next target is to double their subscriptions by the end of this year, said Scott Havens, global head of Digital and Media Distribution at Bloomberg, USA, during the first day of the Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin.

    Published 25 March 2019 Features
  • ‘Pay gates’ perform better than paywalls, proves Swiss news publisher

    A Swiss digital news publisher has found their conversion rate of registered users to paying subscribers has increased by five times since they have altered their approach from building paywalls to creating "dynamic pay gates".

    Published 14 March 2019 Features
  • Axel Springer acquires paid content technology company CeleraOne

    Axel Springer has announced the acquisition of CeleraOne, a German provider of paid content technology. With the acquisition, the media company becomes a technology provider in the business of payment technology.

    Published 06 March 2019 Deals
  • Apple News Magazines: the sticking points

    'Netflix for news', 'Spotify for magazines'... no matter what you might like to call it, Apple’s plans to launch a premium version of Apple News to include a large bundle of magazine content remains controversial. Not least because the smartphone maker wants to keep roughly half of the profit.

    Published 20 February 2019 Features
  • Why retention needs to be a bigger priority for magazine media in 2019

    As increasing numbers of news and magazine media publishers around the world look to reader revenue strategies for sustainable business growth, retention has taken on new importance across the magazine media landscape. 

    Published 11 February 2019 Features
  • Axel Springer International Paid Content Summit 2019 focuses on subscriber retention

    More than 90 experts representing leading international media companies from 14 countries met in Berlin from February 6 to 7, 2019, at the invitation of Axel Springer for the sixth International Paid Content Summit. 

    Published 08 February 2019 Insight News
  • Chart of the week: News industry pivots to subscriptions for 2019

    News industry leaders are doubling down on their focus on subscription services going into 2019, with half of the editors-in-chief, CEOs, managing directors, and heads of digital citing subscription services as their main revenue source for the new year.

    Published 21 January 2019 Insight News
  • Rob Ristagno, founder and CEO of Sterling Woods, on the power of membership programmes

    At a time when media companies are seeking to find alternative sources of revenue to advertising, membership programmes have taken centre stage. Over the past couple of years we have seen The New York Times, The Guardian, Politico and others enjoy huge success in monetising readers in this way.

    Published 14 January 2019 Features
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