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  • Future partners with mobile brand Honor to produce World Cup focused content

    Future's TechRadar is working with mobile brand Honor, to produce a suite of articles capturing the spirit of the World Cup and the best technology around it.

    Published 07 June 2018 Industry News
  • Technology is key to face off disruption - Better Than Paper MD

    As a technology vendor, Better than Paper was founded with the aim to support businesses with digital transformation in the publishing and corporate content marketing sector. New FIPP member, founder and managing director Ashwin Saddul explains their mission: democratising publishing technology to make it affordable and accessible to all types and sizes of publishers.

    Published 07 June 2018 Features
  • Time magazine releases special report The Drone Age

    This week’s issue of Time is a special report on drones that explains how they are transforming our world, from lifesaving innovations in healthcare to creating new works of art to the race behind new efforts to secure our skies. The issue features the first-ever Time cover shot by a drone.

    Published 31 May 2018 Industry News
  • Empire magazine to publish first ever talking voice-responsive cover

    Bauer Media’s Empire magazine is to push the boundaries of print publishing by producing an innovative limited edition talking cover. The cover is created in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox to coincide with the launch of Deadpool 2.

    Published 14 May 2018 Industry News
  • Five key media tech trends from April

    The media industry was in the consumer press spotlight again in April, as Sir Martin Sorrell resigned from WPP and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg took to the US congressional stand. We look at five of the key media tech trends from the month here.

    Published 30 April 2018 Features
  • WoodWing launches digital asset management mobile app

    Elvis DAM, WoodWing’s flagship enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, has released a mobile app that aims to help users work more seamlessly with digital assets when on-the-go.

    Published 30 April 2018 Industry News
  • Artificial intelligence - an opportunity for publishers?

    The rise of artificial intelligence in general, and machine learning in particular, has been an emerging theme at DIS for several years now. In 2018 the topic hit the mainstream as it was analysed in no fewer than five sessions with eight experts giving their views. The topics the presenters ran through ranged from the general impact AI will have on society, through to advice on how to harness the technology to monetise content now.

    Published 25 April 2018 Features
  • Five key media tech trends from March

    A sad month for traditional mediums in March, as NME magazine ceased to be published as a print title. But as the brand moves on so too does the industry, and here are five of your key media tech trends from March.

    Published 29 March 2018 Features
  • How Blockchain could revitalise the media

    Blockchain, which was one of the key buzzwords of 2017, is a technology that its champions believe will transform many industries. 2018 has seen the hype around Blockchain abate a little, so now seems to be an apposite moment for publishers to take a serious look at what the technology is, and how it could impact on both the way they publish and monetise content.

    Published 19 March 2018 Features
  • How Harvard Business Review uses emerging media formats to super-charge audience engagement

    Maureen Hoch, editor of Harvard Business Review’s on Monday provided insight into the experimental work HBR has been doing with new media formats in the past year to reach and engage audiences, including subscribers, in new ways.

    Published 19 March 2018 Features
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