Silicon Beach Tour, Los Angeles

Reimagining Video: Our intimate tour of Silicon Beach combines Hollywood’s storytelling roots with the thriving technology industry. This tour takes place from 14-15 November 2019.

The historic home of US film and entertainment, Los Angeles has more recently cemented its reputation as a hotbed for digital media. LA’s Silicon Beach is now recognised as the tech capital of Southern California, attracting hundreds of tech companies including innovative start-ups as well as established players such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and Hulu.

Drawing on Hollywood’s success and the local talent pool, Silicon Beach is now the largest video and virtual reality hub in the world. In turn new social media influencers, who have larger and more loyal followings than traditional celebrities, are acting like publishers and attracting ever-growing advertising budgets.

Media giants are innovating with new business models and lines are blurring between traditional studios such as Disney and new well-funded entrants such as Quibi and Vertical Networks. The media and entertainment sector now brings a staggering $161bn to the economy.

The FIPP Silicon Beach Tour, taking place from 14-15 November 2019, will combine discovery meetings with key media and tech players from the area, a sunset drinks reception with local startups and an intimate networking lunch with a local thought leader driving digital innovation.

This exclusive event is open to senior level media industry professionals and is limited to 15 attendees only.

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The FIPP/VDZ Digital Innovators' Tour will take place in 2018 on 9-12 September (Sunday to Wednesday).


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