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  • Magazine media continues to grow audiences The Association of Magazine Media has released The Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report for March and the Social Media Report for first quarter 2016, showing that magazine media brands continue to deliver meaningful growth across platforms, engaging consumers in all formats, including social media. Published 29 April 2016 Insight News
  • Big Road Media launches Cycling Plus in Malaysia Big Road Media has launched a Malaysian edition of Cycling Plus as a result of a licensing arrangement with Immediate Media. This marks the third international license for the brand, which has editions in Sweden and Thailand and syndication deals in South Korea and Singapore. Published 29 April 2016 Launches
  • YouTube is going big on mobile content creation Through my work with inPress Online I tend to shoot a lot of video. That runs right from iPhone filming through to shoulder-cams and up to the work I do with the BBC in the studio. One thing I can say with certainty is that the filming device is no longer relevant. In fact if anything, filming on a mobile is preferable because it makes the transfer and editing of video files much lighter. It also produces the type of content that is more indicative of what consumers are actually sharing on their social profiles. And in the world of online video, shareability as we know, is key. Published 29 April 2016 MagWorld
  • Joanna Alexandre, The Economist’s syndication and licensing director, talks about content distribution strategy There was a time when content syndication teams were in their own silos away from the rest of the publishing company. However, with the arrival of social platforms, content distribution models have been become even more varied and complex and now syndication teams work very closely with both editorial and marketing. Published 28 April 2016 MagWorld
  • Haymarket announces David Prasher as chairman of Haymarket Network Haymarket Media Group has announced the appointment of David Prasher as chairman of Haymarket Network. He replaces outgoing chairman, Haymarket Media Group CEO Kevin Costello, and will also continue in his role as managing director of Haymarket’s Consumer Media division. Published 27 April 2016 Industry News
  • Haymarket's Forever Sports expands digitally and internationally
    Haymarket's Forever Sports has expanded its reach, with a brand new ForeverSports.com and new editions in the Middle East and Latvia.
    Published 27 April 2016 Launches
  • Time to put Asia-Pacific firmly on your radar FIPP will be in Singapore for FIPP Asia-Pacific, our bi-annual international media conference focused on the region, held in Beijing, China in 2014 and Seoul, South Korea in 2012. Published 27 April 2016 FIPP News
  • FIPP meets...Eric Olander, director of Ringier LABS With his extensive experience in broadcast and digital media, Eric Olander recently joined Ringier Vietnam in the dual role of chief revenue officer and director of Ringier LABS. He spoke to Piet van Niekerk about the opportunities created by Vietnam’s rapidly changing digital market. Published 27 April 2016 MagWorld
  • Is Medium for Publishers an option for media companies? Since its launch back in 2012 Medium, the blogging platform developed by Ev Williams whose track record includes both Blogger and Twitter, has established itself as a key place for longer stories and serious journalism. Published 26 April 2016 MagWorld
  • Chart of the week: "Deep and disturbing” decline in media freedom One basic precondition for democratic societies to function, is the freedom of the press. The NGO Reporters Without Borders (RSF) seldom has good news when it comes to publishing its yearly World Press Freedom Index. This year’s index “shows that there has been a deep and disturbing decline in respect for media freedom at both the global and regional levels,” RSF concludes upon the release of the latest index. Published 26 April 2016 Insight News
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