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  • London calling (final reminder) Sometimes you have to treat yourself and your colleagues to something special. Well, here at FIPP we’d like to remind you that our radically reduced pre-agenda rate for FIPP London is available to this Sunday, Valentine’s Day 14 February. Published 12 February 2016 FIPP News
  • Social peak has been reached With yesterday’s news that Twitter’s userbase is waning, stocks went into decline for the social network. But it’s not just the numbers that tell us that peak social has now been reached… Published 11 February 2016 MagWorld
  • Newsweek drops paywall Newsweek.com has drastically altered its online paywall, by allowing readers to access almost all stories from the website and Newsweek magazine. Published 11 February 2016 Industry News
  • Passionate consumers are the key to business, says Time Inc. UK CEO Knowing your audience has long been a mantra repeated by many a magazine company boss. But with the data available to brands today, there appears to never have been a better time to be in the business. Published 11 February 2016 MagWorld
  • Mastering the three pillars of a successful monetisation strategy When it comes to developing a profitable monetisation strategy, there are three pillars that must form its foundation: Audience, Diversification and Business Models. A monetisation strategy is only as strong as its weakest pillar, so it’s important to build effective and sustainable tactics within each one to maximise success and achieve one’s goals. Published 11 February 2016 MagWorld
  • Engaging audiences on behalf of the advertiser Magazine media companies have spent years building loyal audiences by delivering content that is trusted, respected and compelling. But how do these companies use the skills and talent they have to present stories to communicate with their audiences on behalf of the advertiser? Published 11 February 2016 MagWorld
  • How the pursuit of creativity is driving business results In today’s world, the competition for audience attention is fiercer than ever, and brands are striving to come up with the best ideas and the most creative concepts to win eyeballs and customer loyalty. Published 11 February 2016 MagWorld
  • FIPP Middle East and Africa event presentations

    Download the presentations from FIPP's Middle East & Africa event on 10-11 February in Dubai, UAE.

    Please note that we will ONLY share those presentations we have been given permission to share by the speakers.

    Available presentations will be hyperlinked to the speaker name below.

    Any problems/questions? Ask Amy.

    Published 11 February 2016 FIPP News
  • International Business Times UK makes key editorial hires International Business Time has announced a number of additions to its UK newsroom across sport, science, health, news and pictures. Published 10 February 2016 Industry News
  • The future of media in Middle East and Africa? It’s a mobile story. After a decade of digital disruption, internet access in the Middle East and Africa is growing exponentially. With the majority of mobile growth forecast to come from the region in the coming years, how should publishers go about monetising this audience? Published 10 February 2016 MagWorld
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