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  • Employee engagement and advocacy go hand-in-hand Many companies are quick to proclaim that employees are their most valuable asset. Yet, far fewer realise employees can also be their most valuable source for content production and advocacy. Those who embrace this philosophy will want to become familiar with the range of tools available to help employers connect with their employees, and help employees connect with customers. Published 24 June 2016 MagWorld
  • Future acquires Imagine Publishing for £14.2m Future has agreed terms to acquire Miura (Holdings), the holding company and ultimate parent company of Imagine Publishing Limited for a total consideration of some 179 million new Future shares (the ‘Consideration Shares’), representing £14.2m. Published 23 June 2016 Industry News
  • Hearst announces launch of trend detector Hearst has announced that its industry-leading trend detector, Buzzing@Hearst, is now open to advertisers, allowing them to programmatically target top-performing content across Hearst’s media properties. Born out of years of research and development, Buzzing@Hearst analyses data-driven signals to constantly monitor trending articles, enabling marketers to uniquely marry their message to what’s hot in real-time. Published 23 June 2016 Industry News
  • IBT Media on how a transparent approach to financial and business news is providing success IBT Media is the publisher of both Newsweek and the International Business Times, as well as a growing portfolio of additional titles. With more than 90 million monthly global readers and an international workforce of 300+ employees its transparent, no nonsense approach to financial and business news is paying off. We caught up with Mitchell Caplan, the publisher’s chief marketing officer, to find out how the company has become so successful in such a short space of time and how it is evolving its content. Published 23 June 2016 MagWorld
  • Forbes announces launch of Forbes France website Forbes has announced plans to launch its latest local licensed international edition Forbes.fr in partnership with 360BusinessMedia. The Forbes.fr website, which will feature content in French, is expected to launch first towards the end of 2016, followed by related live events and a magazine supplement at a later date. Published 22 June 2016 Industry News
  • One third of all revenues will be native advertising by 2018 According to new research from Native Advertising Institute (NAI) in association with FIPP, native advertising will make up one third of all advertising revenue in the global magazine industry by 2018.  Published 22 June 2016 FIPP News
  • An update on FIPP Asia-Pacific speakers as pre-agenda deadline looms With only a few days left to register at our discounted pre-agenda rate for FIPP Asia-Pacific, below are the names of the some of the 40 speakers who will participate in the conference. Published 22 June 2016 Industry News
  • Building a sustainable video business The biggest barrier to building a successful video business in the modern media is sustainability. As the line between publisher and broadcaster becomes ever blurred, there is a temptation to think that every new piece of video content needs to be a Netflix original. This is not the case, and there are four key things you should remember in building an online video business that is both sustainable and strategic. Published 22 June 2016 MagWorld
  • Egmont Publishing launches Angry Birds Movie issue of Showcase in the UK Children's publisher, Egmont Publishing, has announced the latest issue of its new ‘Showcase’ magazine series, featuring Angry Birds Movie. Published 21 June 2016 Launches
  • Chart of the week: The mobile ad spend gap Ad spend should go to where the consumer spends his or her time. But so far, there seems to be a disconnect. According to figures compiled by KPCB, a lot of ad spend still is invested in legacy media, whereas the time spent by consumers with that media is dropping. The Statista chart shows the proportion of ad spend invested into specific media channels, compared to the time spent with that media by consumers. Published 21 June 2016 Insight News
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