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  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Targeted cover mounts present positive potential for the single topic magazine

    “I can’t stress enough that if cover mounts work for kids, then it should work for adults. Whatever your single topic is, you have to find the cover mount that seems to be the right thing that appeals to the person who likes that topic.” - Topix Media Lab CEO Tony Romando

    Published 19 January 2018 Features
  • Hearst UK appoints Kalpana Fitzpatrick finance editor

    Hearst Magazines UK has appointed Kalpana Fitzpatrick as its finance editor. Kalpana is currently the consumer editor of Good Housekeeping magazine, a role she took on in November 2017, and will continue with that role alongside her new position. This new role represents Hearst’s move into significantly developing its finance content in response to growing engagement by its readers on this subject.

    Published 18 January 2018 Industry News
  • Heads in the sand is not a digital media strategy

    From savings of hundreds of Euros if you book today, to a programme with 50 speakers, carefully selected to address pivotal digital media innovations and trends to think about right now, to networking with 600 colleagues from 30+ countries around the world in a unique new expo space, and to do all of that while visiting the eclectic, cosmopolitan and vibrant city of Berlin.

    Published 18 January 2018 FIPP News
  • Where will video pivot to next?

    With ‘pivot-to-video’ yielding little success over the past 18 months, the big question for publishers remain: where will video go next?

    Published 18 January 2018 Features
  • Condé Nast appoints Phillip Picardi chief content officer, Teen Vogue and Them

    Condé Nast announced that Phillip Picardi has been named chief content officer of Teen Vogue, where he previously held the title of digital editorial director. In his new role, Picardi will continue to oversee content for the brand’s digital, social and video platforms and will take on experiential endeavors, including the highly successful Teen Vogue Summit series. Picardi also will continue in his role as the chief content officer of them, Condé Nast’s next-gen LGBTQ platform.

    Published 17 January 2018 Industry News
  • Thinking like a journalist will make you awesome at native advertising

    “One of the things about journalism that relates so closely to native advertising is the desire to put your readers first. If you put your readers’ interests and what they care about at the centre, the content that you create is going to resonate with them much more fully and really have a much bigger impact. Brand storytellers should definitely take that lesson from the world of journalism and make sure their readers are at the centre of everything they create,” says Melanie Deziel, branded content consultant.

    Published 17 January 2018 Insight News
  • Roularta makes an offer for Sanoma titles

    Roularta Media Group has made a binding offer for the Belgian Sanoma titles with the exception of the home magazines.

    Published 16 January 2018 Industry News
  • When Facebook fell out of love with news

    The realisation that Facebook is a social network first and foremost and not a news-stand is starting to hit home with publishers as Mark Zuckerberg continues to fiddle with his News Feed algorithm to salvage - or grow - his creation.

    Published 15 January 2018 Features
  • How Martha Stewart Living saw success across platforms in 2017

    It has been a record-breaking year for Meredith’s Martha Stewart Living. “Over the last year and a half, we have been doing some great things and I think we saw the results of those efforts in 2017,” said Daren Mazzucca, VP/group publisher of Martha Stewart Living.

    Published 15 January 2018 Features
  • Chart of the week: What are the risks to success for publishers in 2018?

    Social media, and above all Facebook, took a lot of heat for its perceived role in disseminating rumour and false news, most prominently during the US election campaign in 2016. Now, the firm has announced that it will give publishers less space for promoting their content (organically) on its platform. This is of course is bad news for publishers.

    Published 15 January 2018 Insight News


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