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  • When Facebook fell out of love with news

    The realisation that Facebook is a social network first and foremost and not a news-stand is starting to hit home with publishers as Mark Zuckerberg continues to fiddle with his News Feed algorithm to salvage - or grow - his creation.

    Published 15 January 2018 Features
  • How Martha Stewart Living saw success across platforms in 2017

    It has been a record-breaking year for Meredith’s Martha Stewart Living. “Over the last year and a half, we have been doing some great things and I think we saw the results of those efforts in 2017,” said Daren Mazzucca, VP/group publisher of Martha Stewart Living.

    Published 15 January 2018 Features
  • How the EU’s new ePrivacy regulations could profoundly impact all media

    From a legislative perspective 2018 looks set to be an interesting, potentially challenging year for publishers. In May the EU wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced bringing new controls on the collection of data.

    Published 15 January 2018 Features
  • How Cheddar revolutionises business media

    Cheddar Inc. launched two years ago as a news and business channel aimed at at young-ish audience that would be carried via social media, smart TV and mobile. Two years on and global expansion is high on Cheddar's agenda. 

    Published 11 January 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: “I have great alarm about this war against fact," says The New Yorker’s editor, David Remnick

    “I find words, and I understand why they’re used all of the time, but sometimes I bridle a little bit at words like content or products or platform, they seem a little cold. They seem a little remote and cold-blooded, because I think of The New Yorker as something much more warm-blooded or hot-blooded, which is alive. I don’t think of it as a can of soup or any of the other household products or a status symbol. I think of it as something, and I don’t care if it’s digital or on paper, I think of it as something that can reach your heart and mind in a unique way; in a surprising way. There aren’t too many household items or products that can do that.” David Remnick (on defining content in today’s digital age)…

    Published 10 January 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: “I think it’s going to be a pretty good year, actually", says FIPP's James Hewes

    “I think it’s going to be a pretty good year, actually. It’s funny you know, ever since I took this job I’ve been hearing more and more people telling me about the resurgence of print magazines and how print magazines are coming back as a medium, and I think 2018 might be the year when you start to see some signs of that filtering through into the numbers, because, obviously, the numbers that are released by the publishing companies have been pretty bad in 2017.” James Hewes

    Published 08 January 2018 Features
  • How this startup plans to use blockchain to power a new media business model

    There’s a huge buzz about blockchain technology at the moment and how it can be used to power everything from cryptocurrencies through to electoral systems. However, one company, Civil, believes that blockchain could be at the heart of a new business model for delivering journalism.

    Published 08 January 2018 Features
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