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  • How Hearst re-imagines Runner's World and Bicycling for modern audience

    Since its acquisition of Rodale's portfolio of magazine titles in January, Hearst has been experimenting at Pennsylvania-based Runner's World and Bicycling, with new business models, new talent, new paper stock and bigger sizes, as well as proposed redesigns for both titles later this autumn. 

    Published 17 September 2018 Features
  • The power of hindsight - Delayed Gratification

    As the flagship title of the Slow Journalism movement, the print magazine Delayed Gratification is often described as a kick-back against the hasty pace in which the 24/7 news cycle hunts clickbait, starts telling stories but often miss the end. But associate and founding editor, Matthew Lee says it’s much more than just that. 

    Published 17 September 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazineā„¢ interview: Men's Health, a Hearst legacy brand with a "stronger, faster, better" focus

    “When I say strong, faster, better, I don’t just mean that as far as goals for the reader, it’s really what the magazine is about. We’re hopefully a stronger brand; we’re faster at processing things and in delivering information and inspiration to our readers; and we’re just constantly trying to get better. We’re embodying the values of the brand, which is self-improvement.” Richard Dorment, editor-in-chief, Men's Health

    Published 13 September 2018 Features
  • How mcommerce jumped the queue in South East Asia

    As South Asia warms up to ecommerce, magazines are getting in on the act. Say hello to mcommerce.

    Published 10 September 2018 Features
  • Facebook Watch and the growth of video platforms

    A year after its launch Facebook is finally rolling out its new video service, Facebook Watch, across the globe. Yet its expansion arrives at an intriguing time for the video market. There are the first signs that the hegemony enjoyed by YouTube for nigh on a decade is now potentially under threat, not just from Facebook, but from multiple rival platforms.

    Published 10 September 2018 Features
  • When chief digital officers join the highest echelons of legacy publishing

    There were only a handful of digital officers around in legacy publishing two decades ago. Today, they are climbing to the highest echelons of publishing, and more recently digital officers have ascended to C-suite status with the creation of the title chief digital officer (CDO). Even more recently we have seen Troy Young, CDO at Hearst Magazines International take over as president of the entire business. Similarly, Wolfgang Blau, CDO at Condé Nast International, took over as president of CNI in August of last year. At the time the move was described by the company as an attempt to bring “digital authority” to the organisation’s leadership.

    Published 04 September 2018 Features
  • Five key media tech trends from August

    With September now underway it’s ‘back to school’ time for many in the media world. Here, we look at five of the leading media tech trends to hit the headlines in August that you may have missed. 

    Published 04 September 2018 Features
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FIPP newsletters allow you to keep up with industry trends, research, training and events across the world


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