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  • Meredith SVP on changing media ownership and future investment

    David S. Johnson, SVP Corporate Development at Meredith Corporation, will join a panel discussion at the forthcoming 42nd FIPP World Media Congress on the topic of media ownership. Here, he sets out Meredith’s approach to a changing market, and the corporation’s plans around acquisition and ownership.

    Published 16 September 2019 Features
  • [FIPP Congress Q&A] Tech stacks: To buy or to build? That’s the question

    In an increasingly tech-driven industry, the decision of whether to buy or build systems and platforms is complex. Christoph Schmitz, interim CTO at Norway’s Aller Media and who will speak on the tech landscape at the forthcoming FIPP World Media Congress, explains some of the complexities and challenges publishers face.

    Published 16 September 2019 Features
  • [FIPP Congress Q&A] Meredith’s Liz Vaccariello: Parenting lessons at the Congress

    Meredith’s Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Parents Magazine at Meredith Corporation in the US, explains how her team uses innovation to better engage with audiences through print products – and how a ‘digital mindset’ is improving the print magazine.

    Published 16 September 2019 Features
  • Podcast masterclass, part one: Equipment

    Thinking about starting a podcast? Well, there are currently around 700,000 active podcasts and more than 29 million episodes for people to download. So the competition is pretty fierce. Yet don’t let the numbers put you off. As media companies have demonstrated time and time again there is a still a huge appetite among consumers and professionals for well produced imaginative podcasts delivered by engaging and articulate presenters.

    Published 12 September 2019 Features
  • [FIPP Congress Q&A] Tyler Brûlé talks print, Brexit and what’s next for Monocle

    Having launched both Wallpaper* and Monocle, Tyler Brûlé is widely considered one of the most influential media innovators of his generation. Since its inception, the Monocle brand has grown into a unique global media entity that successfully combines print, web, retail and broadcast components.

    Published 09 September 2019 Features
  • Can print magazine brands come back from the dead?

    History tends to suggest that once the plug has been pulled on a print magazine brand, no matter how iconic its, it is the end of the road, or if they are lucky an afterlife as a digital or web version. Charlotte Ricca outlines the unlikely revival of The Face, and asks whether we might see other magazine brands return.

    Published 09 September 2019 Features
  • [FIPP Congress Q&A] Lessons for high-performing leaders

    Leadership coach and acclaimed author Kevin Lawrence will share the key messages of his highly-praised book “Your Oxygen Mask First” at this year’s FIPP World Congress. Here, he explains why the pressures of organisational and personal change are so pertinent to the publishing sector.

    Published 05 September 2019 Features
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  • PressReader acquires News360

    Newspaper and magazine platform PressReader has announced its acquisition of News360. News360's technology analyses and attributes content from any given news story to more than a million distinct audience interests, and reaches more than 100M unique readers every month through its News360 app.

    Published 21 August 2019 Deals
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FIPP newsletters allow you to keep up with industry trends, research, training and events across the world


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