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  • The founders of the Internet have grown up. Isn't it time the Internet did the same?

    I was reading an amusing article in This is Money over the weekend that I suspect many mothers and fathers (and grand-parents) will understand. Nothing is more fatal to parental authority than having to ask the offspring for computer help. 

    Published 22 June 2018 Opinion
  • Media buyers should be more like pension managers

    It’s easy to find people with the next big investment idea to plough all your money into – talking heads on TV, your neighbour, or that “inside tip” from a broker. I bet you know someone who can’t shut up about Bitcoin, and all the money they’ve made from it! But these are not investment strategies, they are bets.

    Published 25 May 2018 Opinion
  • Crowdsourcing: How The Guardian, ProPublica and Vox Media are doing it

    Sponsored content - Crowdsourcing provides an easier way for journalists and storytellers to get the right information for a good story. Here’s how some of the big players are doing it – from crowdsourcing examples to AI software.

    Published 30 April 2018 Opinion
  • Peter Houston talks: The 'End of the Beginning' for digital media

    Last month I travelled to Helsinki for the first FIPP Insider event. It was a great trip – I got to visit Finland for the first time and I got to spend time with some very smart people, on and off the stage. In my presentation, ‘The digital media meltdown. Fact or fake news?’, I took a look at the evidence that digital media is suffering something of a crisis.

    Published 30 April 2018 Opinion
  • The warning signs are there, but are we looking?

    There are two types of people in the world, those that pay for Netflix and those that “borrow” a login from friends or family, Google a login, or continually re-subscribe for that month’s trial…

    Published 26 April 2018 Opinion
  • A new way to new revenue for publishers

    Tired of trying to grow digital ad sales? You've hired a "digital" salesperson. You've created packages that bundle print and digital. You've restructured commission plans. You've shot more videos and created more email newsletters. It's exhausting and the results aren't always there. There is a better way. You can break the cycle and thrive in the digital environment.

    Published 24 April 2018 Opinion
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FIPP newsletters allow you to keep up with industry trends, research, training and events across the world


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