Mather Economics and InsurAds join forces to supercharge publisher revenue optimisation

Mather Economics and InsurAds have announced a new strategic partnership to boost publisher revenue optimisation.

The collaboration integrates the real-time attention metrics of InsurAds – a pioneer in digital advertising optimisation – with the robust first-party data analytics and AI-powered decision intelligence of Mather Economic – a global leader in subscription revenue management – to provide groundbreaking revenue solutions for publishers and advertisers.

The new ability to integrate InsurAds’ real-time attention data with Mather Economics’ analytics and first-party data will enable publishers to see the new advertising revenue opportunity alongside reader revenue data, to ensure optimisation of revenue on both sides.

“Our collaboration with InsurAds represents a powerful synergy that will enable publishers to maximize both advertising and reader revenue in real-time to drive long-term sustainability,” said Matt Lindsay, CEO of Mather Economics.

André Pareira, CEO of InsurAds, added: “We are thrilled to partner with Mather Economics because this innovative approach that allows publishers to combine their first-party data with our real-time time and attention data, can revolutionise how publishers optimise their revenue.

“Our combined expertise will create a new Ad Revenue Per User metric that will enable publishers to monetise their content more effectively.”

With ongoing declines in traffic from Search and Social platforms, many news publishers are exploring new avenues for digital advertising growth. Advertising optimisation through contextual targeting and attention time metrics is on the rise, with leading publishers enjoying double-digit growth in CPMs.

Mather Economics can support news publishers seeking to deploy or enhance these strategies with validated first party data and audience segmentation, reinforcing the higher CPM rates that these strategies command. Additionally, the partnership with InsurAds will power more robust revenue optimisation analytics, providing publishers with a 360-view of total revenue opportunity and enhancing Mather’s paywall decision intelligence (Sophi).

InsurAds is dedicated to leading the attention economy by unlocking the value of time and attention. Their Time & Attention Management Platform measures unique user attention down to the millisecond, creating a real-time, live audience of engaged users. This allows ads to be sold based on attention time, generating a significant uplift in revenue for publishers and providing advertisers with the assurance that their ads are engaging verified audiences.

Current solutions in this area leverage averaged attention time metrics driven by limited eye tracking sampling. While this approach has highlighted the importance of attention time metrics and has generated serious interest from advertisers seeking post-cookie solutions, only InsurAds offers real-time audience attention data at the unique user level.


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