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  • Driverless cars and the opportunities they offer media companies

    Will driverless cars present media companies with even more opportunities to engage with consumers? It is among the many topics that will be considered at the Digital Innovators' Summit in Berlin in 2017.

    Published 23 September 2016 MagWorld
  • Media Box spreads its wings

    With Media Box starting to revolutionise the way passengers consume content - especially on board aircraft - it’s becoming a valuable tool for airlines. Piet van Niekerk explains.

    Published 23 September 2016 MagWorld
  • SPH Magazines' MD on the company's multiplatform strategy

    Joseph Lee, managing director of new media at SPH Magazines, explains how the business has moved to a multi-platform approach, and its strategy for engaging audiences through digital…

    Published 23 September 2016 MagWorld
  • Magazines reinvented

    Geoff Tan, managing director (luxury and custom publishing), SPH Magazines, explains how his organisation is embracing change to flourish in a competitive market…

    Published 23 September 2016 MagWorld
  • Magazines Canada announces new awards programme

    To mark Canada's 150th anniversary, Magazines Canada is launching a new awards programme called Magazines Grands Prix, to celebrate creative and journalistic excellence produced by Canadian publications.

    Published 22 September 2016 MagWorld
  • Video in focus

    Filmmaker, editor and multimedia journalist, Ivan Abreu, will deliver a video masterclass at next week's FIPP Asia-Pacific conference, which takes place from 27-28 September 2016 in Singapore.

    Published 22 September 2016 MagWorld
  • Through Messenger, Facebook hopes to shine a light on dark social

    Last week American Express launched its own bot, enabling customers to access account information directly through Facebook Messenger. It’s a growing trend that represents the consumer shift from public to private social media, and the lengths that brands will go to to follow them there.

    Published 21 September 2016 MagWorld
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  • Chart of the week: Some Europeans still sceptical about personalised ads

    The industry has high hopes that personalised ads might just be the feature that can make online advertising truly unique and worthwhile. However, this format obviously still spooks people out.

    Published 20 September 2016 Insight News
  • Magazine media execs rank forms of native advertising

    In a ranking of the most effective types of native advertising, one stood out in a recent survey by the Native Advertising Institute and FIPP among 140 executives of magazine media companies around the globe.

    Published 14 September 2016 Insight News
  • Adblock Plus is launching an ad exchange

    Eyeo GmbH, the company behind the popular online ad blocking software Adblock Plus, said it is launching an online advertising service to help marketers place “acceptable” ads before users with ad blocking technology turned on.

    Published 14 September 2016 Insight News
  • Chart of the week: Why do people unfollow you?

    Using social media as a promotional tool seems easy enough. However, marketing your goods through these channels is just as sophisticated as any other outreach scheme. According to research by Sprout Social, the social media crowd easily gets annoyed and in the worst case will unfollow your brand if you just try to muddle through.

    Published 13 September 2016 Insight News
  • Global ad market strengthens despite Brexit vote

    Global advertising expenditure will grow 4.4 per cent this year to reach US$539bn, ahead of the 4.1 per cent previously forecast in June, according to Zenith’s new Advertising Expenditure Forecasts. Advertising expenditure will then expand by 4.5 per cent in 2017 and 4.6 per cent in 2018 – up from the previous growth forecasts for both years, which were 4.3 per cent and 4.4 per cent respectively. By 2018 global advertising expenditure will total US$589bn, US$4bn more than forecast in June.

    Published 12 September 2016 Insight News
  • Using native video to reach Gen Z

    The younger sibling to the much covered Millennial generation, Generation Z is ready for its own close up. The US Census puts the population of Generation Z at 69 million strong (22 per cent of the US population), with a combined buying power of US$43bn. Referring to people born after 1995, the bulk of this group is still in school.

    Published 09 September 2016 Insight News
  • Chart of the week: The digital tipping point

    Often it seems that digital media has already drowned out traditional media. This isn’t true, according to research by eMarketer on adult consumer habits. The digital tipping point hasn’t been reached yet and traditional media will only be overtaken measured in time spent in 2018. Only then will adults on average consume a little more time with digital media than they do with traditional media.

    Published 06 September 2016 Insight News
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