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  • Online ad viewability levels fall again in Europe

    Meetrics has announced that online viewability levels in Europe fell again in the fourth quarter of 2015. With a recent study from GlobalWebIndex showing that 40 per cent of people are interested in blocking ads on their mobiles in the future, things look set to get worse before they get better. 

    Published 04 February 2016 Insight News
  • Magazine media brands continue to deliver growth across platforms

    The US Association of Magazine Media has released its Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report for December 2015 and full-year 2015, which shows that magazine media brands continue to deliver meaningful growth across platforms and formats. The report, which uses data from third‐party providers, reveals that the average audience for magazine brands grew to almost 1.7bn in 2015, a 7.1 per cent increase year-on-year.

    Published 02 February 2016 Insight News
  • Chart of the week: Journalism discovers crowdfunding

    The past few years haven’t exactly been easy for the publishing industry. The rise of online media has put pressure on circulation figures and advertising revenues alike, putting many publishing houses in difficult situations.  As the industry became increasingly conservative in terms of investments, journalists had to become creative when raising funds for new projects.

    Published 02 February 2016 Insight News
  • Magazine companies unite to bring sales back to newsagents

    In Australia, Bauer Media, Pacific Magazines and NewsLifeMedia have united to launch a campaign to promote the magazine medium and drive newsagency sales.

    Published 01 February 2016 Insight News
  • 2016 will be a crucial year for native advertising

    While more publishers and brands will embrace sponsored content, native advertising is going to face some serious challenges in 2016. Leading experts in the field predict that low quality content and ad blockers are two of the most significant obstacles that native advertising needs to overcome in the upcoming year. That is one takeaway from the newly published ebook, 20 Predictions for Native Advertising in 2016.

    Published 27 January 2016 Insight News
  • Ninety per cent plan to increase mobile app investments in 2016

    In a survey published last week by market researcher Vanson Bourne on behalf of Red Hat, 90 per cent of respondents said that investment in mobile apps will increase in 2016, with the average amount of investment rising by as much as 24 per cent. The survey polled 200 IT decision makers from companies in the US and EU with over 2,500 employees about mobile apps.

    Published 27 January 2016 Insight News
  • Chart of the week: The fastest-growing App categories in 2015

    Over the past few years, smartphones and tablets have completely changed the way we interact with media. We may still be listening to the radio, read the news and or watch television shows, but more and more often we’re doing it on our mobile devices or, to be more precise, within apps.

    Published 26 January 2016 Insight News
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