AI iQ: A FIPP Congress Call to Action

A leading pioneer with extensive experience in AI transformation at Fortune 500 companies will be a keynote speaker at our FIPP World Media Congress in Cascais, Portugal, from 4 to 6 June.

Dr Seth Dobrin, CEO of Qantm and former Global Chief AI Officer of IBM, will call on the assembled C-suite to assess and enhance their organisation’s AI iQ, and embark on a critical journey where AI is transformed from merely a buzzword to a cornerstone of strategic business success.

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Continuing the theme of today’s Congress update, here is more about Dr Seth Dobrin, with a few key insights he will share at the event. We also highlight a selection of other Congress sessions and provide a link to the current speakers list.

About Seth Dobrin

Seth has distinguished himself as a visionary leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science, with a career marked by transformative contributions across various industry sectors. 

He was the Global Chief AI Officer at IBM, pivotal in integrating AI development and governance across the company. He was also instrumental in forming and managing the IBM Data Science Elite Team, which, under his leadership, made significant strides in ethical AI development and diversity, working on over 130 projects across multiple sectors. 

Following IBM, he founded Qantm AI, a firm that fosters ethical AI in business. At Qantm AI, he emphasises a human-centred approach to AI, guiding Fortune 500 companies and Private Equity firms towards responsible and effective AI strategies. 

Throughout his career, Dobrin has strongly advocated for diversity in technology and against technological colonialism, supporting organisations like WLDA and Wonder Women Tech. 

About his keynote at Congress

Attendees at Congress will come away from his session with insights such as:

  • Understand and Integrate AI: Recognise the distinct roles of traditional AI and generative AI and harmonise them for innovative, balanced solutions.
  • AI as a Strategic Business Tool: Transition AI from a conceptual tool to a strategic business driver by aligning AI strategies with business objectives and quantifying their impact.
  • Navigate AI’s Realities and Potential: Address the gap between AI’s potential and its actual business impact. Reassess AI strategies to focus on tangible outcomes and value generation.
  • Cultivate an AI-Ready Culture: Foster a culture that embraces AI, focusing on innovation, ethics, and enthusiasm across the organisation.
  • Organisational Structure for AI: Create an organisational structure that supports AI, emphasising innovation, accountability, talent harnessing, and the role of the Chief AI Officer.

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Here are some other speakers and sessions you will see at Congress.

More speakers and topics

The programme (on 5 and 6 June) will consist of two channels with individual sessions and a few select panel discussions. Here is a random selection of the other sessions attendees will see.

Panel discussion: The enduring appeal of luxury publications

Luxury publishing thrives on exclusivity, high-quality content, and bespoke experiences, catering to affluent readers’ desire for prestige and tactile engagement while innovating with digital integration and diverse revenue streams. Hear from three continents why this remains the case.

Manuela Kampp-Wirtz, Co-CEO of Burda Verlag, Germany; Ntokozo Maseko, Editor, Your Luxury Africa, South Africa; Xia Fan, Vice President, Huasheng Media, China.

The accidental entrepreneur

How former newspaper and magazine journalist Mark Allen quietly built one of the UK’s most successful B2B media groups.

Mark Allen, Founder and Executive Chairman, Mark Allen Group, UK. Hosted by Colin Morrison CBE, Editor-Publisher, Flashes & Flames, the media weekly, UK

Purpose Over Profit

Archie Carrasco, CEO of AGC Power Holdings Corp., a media powerhouse in the Philippines, delves into balancing humanity with digital advancement and how prioritising social impact over financial gain reshapes business values and fosters sustainable growth.

Archie Carrasco, CEO, ACG Power Holdings, The Philippines.

From curation to connection: a renewed view of the role of magazines 

Learn how RedPoint Media Group’s work to reconceive its role as a connector rather than a curator has reinvigorated its relationships with stories, readers, advertisers, sponsors and custom publishing clients.

Käthe Lemon, President and Co-owner, RedPoint Media Group, Canada.

See more Congress speakers here. We will announce the full agenda soon, but in the meantime, don’t forget to take advantage of our discounted Pre-Agenda offer, which ends on 27 March!

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