FIPP World Media Congress: Meet the Speakers – Cláudia Maia

With the 46th FIPP World Media Congress fast approaching, we have asked speakers at the conference, which takes place from 4-6 June 2024 in the picturesque Portuguese seaside town of Cascais, to sit down for a quick interview to introduce themselves to delegates.

This week we catch up with Cláudia Maia, Chairwoman of the  Associação Portuguesa de Imprensa (Portuguese Publishers Association), who will be joining a selection of business leaders from three continents on the Auditorium Stage on 5 June to discuss key take-outs from the Congress and to answer audience questions.

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about your role in the media industry?

I’m Editorial Director at DECO PROteste, the largest consumer organisation in Portugal. Since 2015 I’ve been responsible for the content of the website, several magazines and books. Over 26 years, the highlight of my journalistic activity has been in consumer protection, which followed an internship in national and local newspapers, such as Jornal de Notícias and Diário de Aveiro. I’ve been a board member of the Portuguese Publishers Association since 2016, to which I was elected as Chairwoman in 2023. I’m also a board member of the Professional Journalist License Commission, representing the sector.

What is like to be part of the FIPP World Media Congress, in particular as someone from Portugal, the beautiful location for the event?

This is the third year of the FIPP World Media Congress in Portugal. Being a small country – although with great weather, great food and, of course, great people – it’s a privilege to welcome one of the biggest events and some of the top media industry leaders in the world. It can only get better if we have the honour to welcome all of you again next year, to celebrate FIPP’s 100th anniversary.

Claudia Maia, Editor-in-Chief , Deco Proteste, with Daniel Heffernan, VP and Chief Product Manager, AdvantageCS on the stage at FIPP Congress 2023

How has the media landscape changed in Portugal over the last few years and how positive are you about the future of the local industry?

The media landscape in Portugal has undergone significant shifts in recent years, marked by notable challenges within major editorial groups and renowned publications. However, amidst these challenges, there’s a glimmer of hope. The exposure of these issues has catalysed a broader conversation about the future of journalism in Portugal. It’s a pivotal moment that beckons us, the information professionals, to take proactive steps to ensure the vitality of the press. While the road ahead may be arduous, I choose to believe that this juncture serves as a turning point. It falls upon us to innovate, adapt, and safeguard the integrity of journalism. By embracing technological advancements, exploring new business models, and prioritising quality reporting, we can chart a course towards a more resilient and sustainable media industry.

What would you say are the key trends in the media in 2024?

News to use and solutions journalism, new formats to reach younger audiences and new AI tools in the newsrooms – how to use them instead of being used by them.

What is the best business advice you have ever received?

Content is key. Make it and keep it relevant for your readers.

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