BBC to simplify complaints process

The BBC has announced it is further improving its complaints process to “ensure greater transparency and maintain trust with audiences”.

The national broadcaster of the United Kingdom has committed to making the complaints website easier to find, to better explain how audience feedback is shared and used across the BBC and to improve the way it explains the steps in the complaints process.

The plans follow internal analysis of the complaints process and an Ofcom review published in June 2022. The changes are expected to be made within the next six months.

“Trust is a core value of the BBC,” says BBC Director-General Tim Davie. “If audiences want to raise a complaint they must be dealt with swiftly, fairly and consistently and the process must be easy to understand. We thank Ofcom for their research which has helped inform these changes.”

According to the BBC, internal research showed 84% of complainants felt the process of contacting the BBC was ‘easy’ or ‘very easy’ (based on sample of 1,735 complainants this year), but that it wanted to improve the audience experience further.

Main image: chiefmoamba / Flickr Creative Commons


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