Bolt and Tipser push forward with one-click purchasing across the web

San Francisco-based checkout technology company Bolt is continuing its mission to enable one-click purchasing across the web. 

In December Bolt bought Tipser, the Swedish technology company that aims to enable direct checkout no matter what the digital platform and has worked extensively with publishers.

Now Bolt has announced $355 million in Series E financing. This follows a raise of $393 million in Series D funding which was closed in late 2021.

The investment apparently gives the company a valuation of  $11 billion valuation.

Since the acquisition Bolt has focused on incorporating Tipser into its offering. Ryan Breslow, founder and CEO has reported how the marriage of Bolt’s native checkout and shopper experience with Tipser’s embedded commerce is already generating new customers.

“We saw how significant Tipser could be for Bolt.They had been perfecting their embedded commerce technology for a decade and were the only formidable player. They were stronger than us in areas where we were weaker. It is very strategic to have them on our team,” said Breslow.

Explaining the rationale for the latest round of investment Breslow told TechCrunch “It may seem like a lot of money raised, but actually no, this is capital for us to be competitive. We don’t just want to be on par with competitors, but be better. The capital will enable us to bring in the best talent, make strategic acquisitions and expand into Europe, which is important to us.”


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