Brand Advance teams up with Lia Clark to launch LGBTQ+ campaign in Brazil

Diversity Media Network Brand Advance have teamed up with GSK Advil and the Brazilian Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite, Transgender and Intersex people (ABGLT), to launch a new ‘You are strong campaign’ featuring Brazilian singer and drag queen, Lia Clark.

The digital media production explores the courage of individuals to be who they really are, building on the Advil pain relief message to address wider forms of social pain. The film portrays how Clark transformed her story of pain into overcoming, carrying the message ‘You are stronger than hate. You are stronger than discrimination. You are strong.’

“I have suffered a lot with prejudice,” said the singer. “Today I feel privileged to be able to join a cause to fight against all of this. And opening a space to talk about diversity is extremely necessary, because intolerance is there, it exists, and it hurts. People need to allow themselves to know and listen to each other, and understand that all forms of love are valid.”

“Every time we manage to put on the agenda the confrontation against the ignorance of prejudice, whether by acting in campaigns like this one, in schools, in communities, in the media, we are changing society,” Symmy Larrat, a trans woman from Pará, journalist and president of ABGLT. “Every time one of us shines somewhere, the victory is for all of us who are here resisting.”

GSK Consumer Healthcare (CH) says it has been increasingly vigilant in addressing issues such as diversity and inclusion in its campaigns and communications, in order to reinforce messages against the various types of violence that involve the LGBTQIA+ community.

Supporting communities and embracing diversity are in the company’s declared values, with projects and actions such as the Inclusion and Diversity Week (Be You Week), Employee Affinity Groups (ERGs), Resilience Program, among others, enabling the involvement of employees in such issues. 


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