Condé Nast unveils Health X Twitter video series

Condé Nast has developed a Twitter-first video solution for advertisers, designed to accompany the brand’s best health content. First introduced at this year’s Health NewFront, the offering is optimised for Twitter feeds to “stop the scroll” and scaled across Condé Nast’s wide array of distribution channels.

Every video series is grounded in insights, aligning Condé Nast’s health editorial with the trending conversations, real-time sentiments and emotions that are unique to Twitter. This extended partnership will enable partners to connect with patients and inspire them to take action.

The Twitter-first video series will include: 

#expertexplains | Derm Consult | Allure: In this series, Allure brings their top dermatologists to embark on skincare consultations for various skin conditions, debunking misinformation along the way. 

#raisingawareness | In 60 seconds | Glamour: A spin-off of Glamour’s popular series In 2 Minutes, this series will explain health topics in 60 seconds flat, providing a light-hearted way to explore a health condition.

#datadrivenbodies | Why Me | SELF: Why Me leans into building awareness and community health. SELF will uncover factors that might go into a diagnosis: DNA, socio-economic disparities, environmental issues, and more. 

#360health | Recipe Overhaul | Epicurious: Featuring Doctor Linda Shiue, an internist and professionally trained chef, Recipe Overhaul will follow as she makes easy meals that are crucial for those living with certain conditions like Crohn’s and diabetes.

#beingwelltogether | Women Explain | Glamour: Glamour’s series Women Explain will feature candid conversations around health through the lens of trust between women.

#data | WIRED | Tech Support: WIRED will run through the most-asked questions about particular conditions from Twitter users, breaking them down with brief answers from experts.


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