FIPP and Media x Women unite to amplify the positive impact of female talent

For International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021, FIPP and Media x Women invite you to join in to amplify the achievements of female talent in media and highlight the positive impact your organisation has on achieving equality and inclusivity.

The campaign kicks off today and will continue throughout the year. Around the globe organisations such as UN Women and IWD are focused on the goal of gender parity for all.  FIPP members are in a unique position to use the power of our collective voices to promote the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity in the media industry. We invite you to identify women in our industry to highlight on the How She Made It podcast and share your company success stories on equity and inclusion. You can send your proposals to

Taking this step to raise up women’s voices and celebrate strides our members are making towards true equity is very much in line with FIPP’s core values, especially as we continue through this uncharted pandemic landscape—and work to envision and become who we want to be on the other side.

Linda Saint Marc, Founder of Media x Women, says: “The next generation of talent expects organisations to commit to a culture of acceptance, fairness, and respecting each human’s value. Promoting success stories of how FIPP members are advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within their organisations is vital for the industry’s evolution.”

Sylkia J. Cartagena, editor of FIPP, said: “FIPP is delighted to be partnering with Media x Women to help make visible the female talent across the industry. Questions of people, diversity, and inclusion have never been more central in the industry, and they feel more urgent than ever.”

About How She Made It podcast

To create a forum for celebrating career journeys and informing young professionals about industry opportunities, Media x Women launched a podcast series How She Made It™ featuring stories of industry leaders from across the globe. The second season has been recently launched and brings valuable guidance and life experiences from entrepreneurs, cxo’s, creative producers, digital content managers, and business heads of reputed organisations such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Copps Literary Services, Viva La Marketing, Domi Entertainment Inc., Podsights, PopUP Theatrics and others. The first season featured journalists, social media strategists, multimedia professionals, media attorneys, and innovators from Disney Plus, NBC Entertainment, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, and more. Tune in on Apple, Google, Spotify, or visit    

About Media x Women

Media x Women is the fastest growing global network of young media professionals with over 1,000 members from across 52 countries. Members span all sectors of the media industry including television, film, journalism, photography, music, technology, digital media, production, acting, media academia, public relations, marketing, publishing, and beyond.

Media x Women is powered by a diverse, international team including university students, industry professionals, and mentors. We believe all humans are equal and talent is talent. Industry data confirms diverse multicultural teams produce better ideas, solutions, media products, and greater profits. Our mission is to Amplify, Empower, Advance women in our industry. We are inviting everyone for a seat at the table to achieve successful outcomes. Learn more, visit . All are welcome to join the Media x Women community on LinkedIn.

About FIPP

Established in 1925, FIPP – Connecting Global Media, is one of the world’s leading media trade bodies, with a primary membership comprised of professional content creators with cross-border interests, and additional membership from national trade associations plus a range of industry suppliers. FIPP empowers members to build market-leading international businesses through a portfolio of events, knowledge products and networking services. 

Members  include some of the world’s most iconic and well-known media companies like Condé Nast, Hearst, Meredith Corporation, Associated Media Publishing, BBC Worldwide, Burda Media, National Geographic, Editorial Televisa, The Economist, Forbes Media, The India Today Group, Dow Jones, Axel Springer, Nikkei Publishing and more.

Whether it’s a media partner, a technology supplier or a consultant, FIPP’s global network can help you solve your business problems and drive a host of new growth opportunities.


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