FIPP launches Global Media Sustainability Tracker

FIPP has today launched its brand new Global Media Sustainability Tracker. From reducing carbon emissions and improving employee wellbeing, to protecting press freedom and accurately reporting on climate change, today’s media has a key role to play in the prosperity of tomorrow’s people, places, and planet(s). 

Like the Global Media Tech Regulation Tracker before it, and the Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) Tracker to come, this live doc will sit on and be updated monthly, bringing you a short, sharp hit of the latest announcements and innovations from this crucial area of our industry. 

This new initiative couldn’t come at a better time. Earlier this week, Axel Springer launched its Sustainability report for 2021, showing impressive results. The comprehensive study reminds us that sustainability issues are not only concerned with the changing weather patterns that surround us, but more broadly how we evolve as a society, in a way that supports the global population and the environment it inhabits. 

It’s a topic that FIPP President & CEO, James Hewes, has for many years now been keen to help push to the top of the industry agenda, and one which the Walt Disney Company/National Geographic Partner’s Vice President for International Media, Yulia Boyle, cited as a key priority when she took over as FIPP Chair at the end of last year.  

Commenting on the new Tracker, Hewes said: “We are delighted to be launching this new piece of live journalism covering one of the key issues affecting not only our industry but the whole world. Sustainability, environmental changes and conscious living are playing an ever more important role in consumer’s lives, and it’s imperative that our industry reflects their concerns.” 

“We must be able to demonstrate that we understand the full impact of our operations and that we are taking proactive measures to reduce these. This important new tracker brings together examples of best practice from across the industry, showcasing the efforts we are collectively making to deliver a more sustainable future. We are confident that it will become an important reference tool for businesses looking to improve the sustainability of their operations.”

The first edition of the Global Media Sustainability Tracker provides perspectives on industry pioneers, some of the biggest announcements of the year so far, and a look at the latest media sustainability news making the global headlines. It’s open to members and subscribers alike and can be viewed in full here


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