Global Digital Subscription Snapshot 2023 Q1 data update launched

FIPP has launched its latest Global Digital Subscription Snapshot and it can be downloaded here.

Produced in partnership with Piano, the quarterly Snapshots are the most comprehensive reports on the global digital subscriptions market today and features information on publisher titles and streaming services.

Assessing the current state of subscriptions in his introduction, FIPP President & CEO James Hewes focuses on the rise of AI and what it means for a paid content strategy.

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen the rise of a number of new technologies that have promised to change not only our industry but the wider world,” he writes. “Not all of those have delivered on that promise – blockchain, anyone? – but the latest in that chain, AI, does seem to be capable of living up to the hype.

“Whether it’s in writing marketing copy or coding an app, improving diagnosis in healthcare or, as happened recently, enabling the discovery of a new antibiotic, AI does promise revolution in large areas of industry and society.

“There are plenty who believe it will have a similarly revolutionary impact in media.”

Download the report.


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