Have you already listened to your favourite magazine?

Magazine publishers are experts in creating quality thematic content and are using podcasts to offer another access alternative to their audiences and, at the same time, create a new line of business.

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Podcast listener rate doubles in just one year

According to the iVoox 2022 Observatory report, which details the consumption habits of the average listener, 42.5% of listeners listen to podcasts on a daily basis and 56.6% listen to podcasts for more than four hours per week.

In fact, the consumption of this format, in which the main magazine publishers in our country have a presence, has doubled in just one year.

The main magazine publishers in Spain are committed to the Podcast format

Condé Nast

Condé Nast has had an audio division as part of Condé Nast Entertainment since October 2021, with Chris Bannon as Head of Global Audio. In February 2022, his Vanity Fair Hotel Jorge Juan podcast was recognised with the Ondas award for Best Branded-Podcast.

Recently, Vanity Fair has also launched the Iconic Weddings Podcast, which reveals the secrets, passions and anecdotes of some of the most fascinating love stories in history. In its first week it was at number 18 of the most listened to podcasts on Spotify. A new episode premieres every Monday.

Other notable podcasts are Nota al Pie, a cross-platform project that is also a book club, and Decir las cosas, also from Vanity Fair.

Hearst Spain

Elle magazine launched its Losing the Thread podcast in 2022, seeking to brainstorm ideas and opinions around a topic of interest to its readers.

In fortnightly thirty-minute chapters they talk about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, work, sustainability… Ten chapters are already available on the main audio platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcast, iVoox and Google Podcast.


Hello! magazine has been betting on the podcast format since 2021, bringing its audience closer and loyal, with diverse content inspired by society chronicles, royalty and important names of Spain’s society.

We highlight Julio Iglesias’ podcast, From Man to Legend, launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his first cover in the ¡Hola! magazine. Hello! has also launched a new biweekly podcast, Vidas Reales, in February 2023.

Other podcasts from ¡Hola! are Harry and Megan: Check Mate to the Queen; H! English corner; Beauty Talks; Energy of the Month; and How Diana of Wales Became a Pop Icon?


Taking advantage of the topics of its most emblematic headlines, RBA offers a diversity of podcasts based on the interests of its audience, showing RBA’s commitment to digital content. Curiosities of History, from National Geographic History magazine, stands out with more than 718,000 reproductions in December 2022. Guided Meditations of the Body Mind is also a success.

Other Podcasts from RBA magazines are: Crimes that Changed History (National Geographic History), Unearthing the Past (National Geographic History), National Geographic Travelers (National Geographic Travel), The Voice of Roy Galán (Cuerpomente Magazine).

Prensa Ibérica

Woman magazine, from the Prensa Ibérica publishing house, produces the Woman Business podcast, which was created with the aim of making female talent visible and vindicating women’s access to decision-making positions. To date, 56 episodes are available on Spotify, Apple, iVoox, Google, Podimo, and Amazon. Already featured are Mariola Martínez, president of Xerox; Sara García Alonso, the first Spanish astronaut; Carmen González, vice president of Huawei Consumer Spain and many more women willing to change the course towards a more pluralistic future.

Código Nuevo has two programs: the two seasons of It’s What It Is, which are also available on YouTube, and Se Va de Rosa, a pop culture show, available on Spotify and YouTube with new episodes every fortnight.


Spainmedia organised in 2022 the first Ibero-American festival of sound creation Estación Podcast. For five days, Madrid became the world capital of this new format, with 32 podcasts and four panel discussions that dealt with different factors in the voice content industry and brought together more than 2,400 attendees.

The second edition of Estación Podcast will be held from 9-13 May, 2023, organised by Spainmedia and Subterfuge radio. Five days in which, through audio, it will be possible to excite, inform and, of course, amuse all the attendees who love this platform.

Sport Life Ibérica

Sport Life Ibérica is committed to digital content, offering lovers of sports, outdoors, healthy living and motor vehicles, the most complete information in different formats to respond to the needs of each user.

In 2022, the audios of Sportlife, Corredor, Trail Run, Oxígeno, Motorcycling and Deep Cycling reached a new record, exceeding one million downloads on the main platforms: Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spreaker, iVoox and Spotify.

Zinet Media

Zinet Media’s Podcast offer is a mix of curiosities, humour, news and knowledge, which makes evident the diversity of topics and interests of the headlines and audience of the group’s magazines.

The Podcast Muy al Día of the Muy Interesante magazine stands out, which currently has almost one million downloads among the main platforms. Great Reports from Muy Historia, boasts 1.5 million downloads of its 50 episodes published to date.

In addition, Zinet has podcasts published exclusively for platforms such as Storytel (where they publish the Women in World War II podcast) and Podimo (where they publish, among others, the Marie Claire Empowered Conversations podcast, a conversational and interview format conducted by journalist Gemma Nierga).

Other podcasts from Zinet Media magazines: Great Reports from Muy Interesante, Interviews from Ser Padres and Up to Date with Mía. And exclusively on Podimo: Questions and Answers from Muy Interesante, Stories in 15 Minutes from Muy Historia and Bella Ciao, stories from World War II.

If you haven’t listened to the podcasts of your preferred magazines yet, now it is the time to discover them… and if you already do, keep enjoying their new chapters and news.


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