Media Unscripted: new global industry podcast launched

FIPP has today launched a new podcast, dedicated to lifting the curtain on global media and unveiling some of the human voices behind the brands that we all know. Media Unscripted, presented by FIPP in partnership with PressReader, provides conversational views from across media sectors, featuring industry leaders from different markets around the world.  

“It’s unscripted, unedited, and unafraid to ask the awkward questions,” says Podcast Host & Industry Journalist, Charlotte Ricca. “The transparent format provides guests with that increasingly rare commodity in today’s PR-conscious interview landscape: the opportunity to be themselves. In return, they provide us with some great insights into their passions, opinions, personal experiences, and some of the reasoning behind why they do exactly what they do today.”  

“Having worked in media myself for many years and seen many changes – both good and bad – it’s immensely interesting to be able to speak to some of the people who are now at the forefront of pioneering that change.”

The business of consumers

The first episode, which is out now, features Aarthi Ramamurthy – Head of International for Clubhouse. The audio-only app experienced a huge boom during the non-heady days of global lockdown, at one stage receiving a US$4bn valuation

But in focussing on the numbers, it’s the human-facing side of the industry that can at times be missed, and as Acting Editor for FIPP, Jamie Gavin, emphasises, it’s often from these more earnest qualitative accounts that wider information is gained.  

“We want to provide insights on and for the industry in as many different ways as possible,” says Gavin. “This goes beyond different formats and different mediums, to approaching analysis from different angles, perspectives, and tonalities. Media Unscripted represents a fantastic new content offering from Charlotte, which given the level of transparency and illumination it brings, will likely be just as engaging for those listening from outside of the industry as within.” 

Further episodes ?

Following today’s Clubhouse launch, Episode 2 will be released on Wednesday 22 December, and features Katie Vanneck-Smith, co-Founder and Publisher at Tortoise Media, who is also responsible for launching the UK’s first-ever news paywall at The Times. 

In episode 3, Ricca will be joined by Lara Joannides (Creative Diversity Lead) and Miranda Holt (External Partners Lead) from the BBC 50:50 Project, which is aimed at achieving a 50:50 split between men and women in the media industry, as well as increased ethnicity and disability monitoring.  

Media Unscripted will be released in fortnightly episodes across all platforms, and you can listen to the first NOW on Spotify here.


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