New Di5rupt report looks at AI implications on Gen Z audience development

The rapid advancement of AI technologies and finding ways to better engage Gen Z are two of the biggest challenges facing the media industry today. A new report from Di5rupt combines these two pressing issues in one fascinating study.

Produced in partnership with Yoof Agency, one of Europe’s leading Gen Z specialists, AI Implications on Gen Z Audience Development pinpoints how media organisations can leverage artificial intelligence to engage Zoomers more effectively and authentically.

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The report looks at how AI is influencing Gen Z’s media habits – from content personalisation to combatting information overload. The study also depicts how AI is becoming an essential tool in creating a more resonant media experience for Gen Z and offers several creative AI ideas publishers can harness immediately to engage younger audiences.

“It’s important to understand the significant part AI plays in today’s media landscape,” the report says. “AI’s influence goes beyond just being present; it transforms many areas of our work and daily lives. This includes shaping the way we consume media, share content, and make decisions based on data.

“Generation Z, who have grown up with AI technologies, naturally understand these tools well. As a result, they anticipate the same level of understanding from all the brands they interact with, including media companies. For this age group, it’s important for brands to stay up-to-date and communicate in ways that truly resonate with them.”

AI can offer special insights, personalised online experiences and efficient ways to communicate – features that usually connect better with the tech-savvy Gen Z than human efforts to mimic their behaviour, which, the study points out, can come across as “forced or, ironically, not genuine”.

The report also looks at what makes Gen Z tick, explores what the future of news looks like, looks at the importance of maintaining trust and credibility in the era of ‘fake news’, and outlines how Gen Z will profoundly influence the forthcoming workplace.

You can download the report here.


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