New FIPP report by Di5rupt explores the role of AI in the media

Thanks to the growing use of tools by media companies and the launch of new chatbot ChatGPT late last year, artificial intelligence is back in the spotlight. With this in mind Di5rupt and FIPP have released a new leadership report exploring how AI has transformed, and will continue to transform, publishing around the world.

AI and the Media. Now features input from industry experts who look at the development of AI, how the media has begun to experiment with it, and the impact it will have in the future.

The report also lists tools that are useful to media companies and explores how AI will usher in a new era for publishing akin to the way search and later social media revolutionised the industry in the early 2000s.

“Artificial intelligence has long seemed like science fiction, or at least like something for the distant future. ChatGPT is forcing us to confront the big role AI may play in our daily lives — and much sooner than we imagined,” Mike Allen, Co-Founder of Axios, points out in the report.

Meanwhile, Jeff Chang, Chief Digital Officer of Condé Nast, Taiwan, believes AI will “transform the media industry in terms of content’s creation, delivery and value capture.”

“In the times of ‘everyone is a medium and influencer’, companies’ lack of content strategy will lose to traffic-based media and possibly be eliminated by competition empowered by AI. I am excited to see this evolution of media by the push from AI revolution,” he adds.

The report delves deeply into the game-changing release of ChatGPT and how it’s likely to empower a generation of start-ups. Explaining how this might work John Barnes, Chief Digital Officer of William Reed, says:

“New publishing start-ups, with non-industry funding, going all-in on AI to do things current publishers can’t do quickly or won’t risk doing. Think fully automated sites and services, new brands, with barely any human intervention.

“The first strand could most visibly be of entire new sites or services that put AI content generation at their core, with people pulling the AI levers rather than intervening much on individual pieces of content: point your news bots at topics, have them prompt a ChatGPT- like service with a request, and out pops an article.”

Download the report here.


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