Nothing discordant about Conde, as GQ heads to the metaverse

GQ magazine is to be the first Conde Nast publication to enter the metaverse, as the title launches on social platform Discord to discuss hot topics, share daily fits, and update users on upcoming projects. 

Last month, the publisher announced plans to launch a Web3 strategy, as CEO Roger Lynch told The New York Times that Conde Nast no longer defines itself as “a magazine company,” adding that while Vogue covers still move the needle, the online audience is now greater than print. 

In this first step in the company’s Web3 strategy, the Discord server will tap into the platform’s growing streetwear and sneakerhead audiences, which overlap with GQ readers’ interests. Often referred to as ‘Slack but social’, Discord started out as a place for gamers to chat, and has since found popularity amongst streetwear and sneaker communities, as well as NFT collectors and ‘degens’ (people involved in the crypto space).

“The way that we are thinking about it is we are throwing a party, GQ is the host, Discord is the venue and you are invited,” explains Joel Pavelski, GQ’s Executive Director of Global Audience Development & Social Media, who works across the magazine’s 21 markets.

“It kept coming from the audience: they really deeply care about GQ writers, editors and photographers, and getting to know them and getting to understand the process, so we are looking for ways to foster more of that and set ourselves up for experimenting with our NFT, Web3 and metaverse future.”

Main image courtesy of GQ and you can find out all the latest on Conde’s Web3 strategy via Vogue Business here


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