Successful transformation: how Gen X, Y and Z all have essential roles to play

Media organisations have been on a digital transformation journey for the better part of 25 years. Yet, despite having the strategic and business model playbook, progress for many remain slow and successful digital pivots are the exception rather than the rule.

Join us on Thursday 25 February at 2 pm GMT / 3 pm CET / 9 am ET for a FREE webinar with international digital transformation expert, strategic advisor, author, and Reuters Institute senior associate Professor Lucy Kueng. During the webinar, we will discuss findings from research for her latest bookHearts and Minds: Harnessing Leadership, Culture, and Talent to Really Go Digital


During the webinar, she will explain: 

  1. Why having a strategy is not the same as achieving it.
  2. How the messy realities of human action cause rational plans to fail.
  3. How a complex set of intertwined changes in how organisations are led, structured, and staffed, and how people in them think, act, and make decisions impact successful transformation.
  4. Why Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z all have essential roles to play.
  5. And how to ensure leadership, culture and talent are leveraged to truly go digital.


Kueng’s research for the book draws on over a hundred interviews to lay out how internal organisations need to be reshaped. It explores the central challenges and presents best-practice approaches for each element. And it explains how to ensure hearts and minds are genuinely harnessed to go truly digital. 

In this free webinar, you will have the opportunity to hear from Kueng and ask questions using the chat function while we are live. The webinar is on 25 February at 9 am ET / 2 pm GMT / 3 pm CET / 19:30 IST. Download a PDF version of the book for free, , to read ahead of the webinar.


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