A HUGE thank-you to all those who came out and made Congress such a successful event this week, and for those who couldn’t make it, there’s always next year! We’ll be publishing all manner of media from the event over the coming days, including articles, sessions, videos and images, but in the meantime, some key highlights for you here…  

“There has never been a better time to work in this industry…”
… said FIPP President & CEO, James Hewes, in his opening address as the Congress got off to a flying start. He was joined by FIPP Chair, Yulia Boyle, who laid out her priorities for the coming year:

“When we look historically at our industry and at FIPP, we haven’t been looking hard enough at those regions like APAC and Africa where growth opportunities lie,” admitted Boyle. “But consumer behaviour has changed, and especially as the first female Chair of the organisation, I want us to live up to our tagline to connect global media.”

Getty Images and TCE announce premium content partnership
The natural home of international licensing & syndication deals for almost a century, this year’s FIPP Congress today saw the announcement of a very special new content partnership. Content Exchange (TCE) – a leading digital marketplace for editorial stories, has partnered with Getty Images – the pre-eminent global visual content creator and marketplace, to integrate content services

The move represents the latest in a series of high-profile deals announced by TCE, which recently signed an agreement with Future Publishing Limited.

Dotdash Meredith on the changes that have taken place at the company since its $3bn inception
Another Congress tradition that was upheld this year was the sharing of exclusive company insights that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in the world. Dotdash Meredith spilled the beans on how the transition has been going since the combined company was formed, as Alysia Borsa – Chief Business Officer & President of Lifestyle for Dotdash Meredith – talked us through some of the changes

“We’re now executing against being more performance based and providing better experiences, especially on the digital side,” says Borsa. “We’re migrating to a single tech-stack stack that is more performant and flexible, as well as getting rid of pop-ups and ad-clutter.” 

“A great example is that we just migrated one of our sites the other week and have seen five times the performance from an experience perspective. We actually reduced our ads by 30%, but our viewability out clickthru rate, and our CPMs, have all gone up.”

Audio’s second coming: How NYTimes and Tortoise attract younger audiences through podcasts
There was also Innovation aplenty in Cascais this week, as two of the industry’s hottest podcast players revealed their strategies for growing audiences

“We now have a very deliberate audio-to-member strategy,” said Katie Vanneck-Smith, co-Founder and Publisher at Tortoise. “The average listener of our podcasts is 28, while the average Tortoise member is 39. This tells you something about reaching these younger audiences. If 1% of our listeners convert to members, we’re happy with that.”

And speaking of Innovation…
This year’s event saw the launch of not one… not two… but THREE important industry reports, which members can get exclusive access to NOW! They are:

? Innovation in Media: This year’s Innovation in Media book, which has been written and produced by Juan Señor and the team at the Innovation Media Consulting Group, returns to print for the first time in two years, and is jam-packed with the latest insights from around the media world.

? First-Party Data Playbook for Publishers: Dubbed the ‘First-party data playbook for publishers’, this 60 page member-exclusive study is the quintessential handbook for implementing first-party data strategies across different business models throughout the media world.

? Global Digital Subscription Snapshot: Also coinciding with this year’s Congress is the launch of our latest Global Digital Subscription Snapshot, published in partnership with Piano… FIPP members can now also download historic data from all reports in a single spreadsheet.
And remember… for all the latest from Congress and around the media world, visit – the media for media


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