The News/Media Alliance launches new Magazine Media Factbook

Providing updated research trends and data points that highlight the continued enthusiasm for magazine media, the latest installment of the essential Magazine Media Factbook has been released by the newly formed News/Media Alliance.

With its insights into magazine consumption and audience preferences, the Factbook is a valuable tool that aids magazine and advertising professional collaboration and enhances their advertising efforts.

Originally a product of MPA – the Association of Magazine Publishers, which merged with the News Media Alliance in July – the Factbook is being published this year by the newly combined organisation, the News/Media Alliance. The Alliance’s members represent many of the most renowned brands in the magazine and news publishing industries with a combined annual revenue of over $40 billion.

“Magazines provide an ideal environment for advertising that inspires action, and the Magazine Media Factbook confirms that through its in-depth research statistics and insights,” said Alliance President and CEO, David Chavern.

“Our members are trusted sources of information that readers want and need, with thoughtful, relevant, and interesting ads that make readers feel heard and understood. That translates to more sales and a greater return on investment for marketers.”

Some of the highlights of this year’s Magazine Media Factbook is the fact that the audience across print and digital grew in 2021 to 222.2 million readers; magazine launches rebounded from the height of the pandemic, doubling to 122 new titles in 2021; and more than half of individuals in every age group interact with magazines on social media.

Alliance members can access the full Factbook here (member login required). All others may request a copy of the Factbook by emailing Alliance Vice President of Research & Insights, Rebecca Frank at


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