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As we continue counting down to the 46th FIPP World Media Congress, we are pleased to announce our next group of six confirmed speakers, adding to the 24 already announced.

Congress takes place on June 4-6 in Cascais, Portugal. Our pre-agenda discounted rate closes in two weeks, so if you want to save on ticket rates, we suggest signing up sooner rather than later.

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You can see our next group of speakers and those already announced below.

Why meet in person at Congress?

Nothing in business is easy and as media operators we know it better than most – no-one else understands that as acutely as your industry colleagues. And while online resources and virtual meetups are extremely valuable, attending in-person industry events such as Congress provides several unique benefits.

Here are just five of them.

  1. Unmatched focus: There are fewer distractions when you immerse yourself in an event environment. You can dedicate time to absorbing information and engaging with your peers.
  2. Concentrated learning: Industry events feature keynotes, panel discussions and presentations from thought leaders and specialists. You get a front-row seat to the latest trends, best practices and emerging ideas, helping you to validate, strategise and develop a competitive edge.
  3. Serendipitous encounters: Chance conversations in breaks, social events, or even in line for coffee can spark new connections and unexpected insights you would miss out on virtually.
  4. Deeper engagement: Face-to-face interactions allow for richer communication through body language, tone, and the ability to have real-time conversations that build relationships.
  5. Deeper connections: In-person events offer the opportunity to interact directly with peers, discuss shared interests and build stronger networks, collaborations and partnerships.

In 2023, we had participants from 43 countries at Congress, and we are already well on our way there again (somewhere nearing thirty countries now). Join your colleagues in Cascais, and sign up before our exclusive pre-agenda offer ends.

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Announcing our next six speakers

  1. Daniel Howden, Founder and Director, Lighthouse Reports, The Netherlands.
  2. Jonny Kaldor, Co-founder and CEO, Pugpig, UK
  3. Kassy Cho, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Almost, Chinese Taipei.
  4. Peter Houston, Publisher, Grub Street Journal, and Co-founder and Host, Media Voices, UK.
  5. Suprio Guha Thakurta, Subscriptions and Recurring Revenues Consultant, and former Chief Strategy Officer, The Economist, India.
  6. Yulia Boyle, Chair, FIPP, USA.

Other speakers

Here are the other speakers so far announced:

  1. Anas Abbar, CEO and Founder of 7awi (pronounced “hawi”), UAE.
  2. Adenike Aloba, Media Consultant and former Program Director and Managing Editor at Dataphyte, Nigeria.
  3. Anurag Batra, CEO, BusinessWorld and Exchange4Media, India.
  4. Archie Carrasco, CEO, AGC Power Holdings, The Philippines.
  5. Cláudia Maia, President of the Board, AP Imprensa, Portugal.
  6. Dr Jon Roberts, Chief Innovation Officer at Dotdash Meredith, USA.
  7. Dr Seth Dobrin, CEO of Qantm and former Global Chief AI Officer at IBM, USA.
  8. Elliot Wellsteed-Crook, Chief Operating Officer, Wanderlust, UK.
  9. Ichrak Moubsit, General Director of Femme du Maroc, Morocco.
  10. Jack Ades Cohen, President and General Manager, Capital Digital, Mexico.
  11. Juan Señor, President, INNOVATION Media Consulting, UK.
  12. Käthe Lemon, President and Co-owner, Redpoint Media Group, Canada.
  13. Liz Plosser, Editor-in-Chief, Women’s Health, Hearst Magazines, USA.
  14. Manuela Kampp-Wirtz, Co-CEO, Burda Verlag, Germany.
  15. Maria Wandosell, CEO, Sport Life Iberica, Spain.
  16. Mark Allen, Founder and Executive Chairman, Mark Allen Group, UK.
  17. Michelle Myers, Global Chief Revenue Officer, Wright’s Media, USA.
  18. Motoko Imada, CEO and Founder, mediagene, Japan.
  19. Nicki Murphy, CEO, River Group, UK.
  20. Ntokozo Maseko, Editor, YourLuxury Africa, South Africa.
  21. Preethi Nallu, Executive Director, Report for the World, Spain.
  22. Sarah McConville, EVP and Group Publisher, Harvard Business Review, USA.
  23. Srinivasan Balasubramanian, MD, Vitakan Group, India.
  24. Xia Fan, Vice President, Huasheng Media, China.

Prepare to be inspired, collaborate and help shape the future of our industry in Cascais.

Join us in June!

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