Web3 Foundation to support WAN-IFRA’s collaborative media pilot project

The Web3 Foundation will support the World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) in its media pilot project, which is being produced in partnership with David Tomchak. The Foundation will provide expertise and funding during the project’s research phase, which will at large be carried out to assess how Web3 can be used to help build ongoing trust and develop new sources of revenue for news publishers and content producers.

Tomchak, who is a visiting policy fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, will be implemented between October and December 2022, and will bring together local and international news publishers and technologists to research practical applications of decentralised technologies for the publishing industry. 

The primary outcome of the research part of the pilot is to provide learning and a space to share knowledge between media and Web3 industries. The resulting blueprint will include a technical roadmap for product development and will be available for public consultation.

Ursula O’Kuinghttons, Director of Communications and Partnerships at Web3 Foundation, said: ”We feel strongly that Web3 can play a leading role in modernising how digital news will be created, provided, distributed and monetised in the future. The proliferation of centralised social media channels has made it hard for people to identify trusted news sources, and this project can play a leading role in addressing those concerns.”

Thanks to the support from the Web3 Foundation, WAN-IFRA will provide funds to members interested in participating in the project. The bursaries, ranging from €1,500 – €4,000, will compensate members for the time they commit to the project.

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