Welcome to Cascais!

Teams FIPP and Di5rupt have landed in Cascais, ready to kick off the 45th FIPP World Media Congress. Here’s how to follow the action.

The sold-out event for decision-makers in media, media tech and adjacent sectors takes place from 6-8 June at the captivating Cascais Cidadela, where an international audience from over 35 countries will network and listen to speeches from more than 70 top international media leaders.

The FIPP Congress takes place inside the Cidadela de Cascais

Here’s how you can follow the action and get your daily updates:

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First and foremost, make sure to sign up to our (free) FIPP World newsletter. We’ll be sending two Congress Special Editions this week. That’s where you’ll catch all the articles, first hand.


Make sure to follow @FIPPWorld and @WeAreDi5rupt. You can also check out #FIPPCongress for all the content, snaps and quotes that delegates will be sharing.


Follow @fippworld and @di5rupt and check out what’s going on through the Insta Stories.


If you are at the Congress

Make sure to tag us in your posts.

Remember to log into Guild, the exclusive Community for FIPP Congress delegates. It is designed for networking, connecting with fellow guests, going deeper with industry questions, as well as providing a safe space to air opinions – all within a private, ring-fenced, community.

We hope that you make the most of your time in Cascais!

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