Zephr explores ways to negotiate the changing digital landscape

While the changes in digital publishing has caused some obstacles for publishers, it’s also opened doors for them to grow revenue. A new e-guide by subscription management platform Zephr looks at how to make the most of these new opportunities.

The Changing Digital Landscape features consumer trends influencing advertising, content consumption and user experiences; looks at evolving technologies being tested by leading publishers; explores why communities will play a big role in the longevity of publishing brands and reveals how SEO strategy is changing and how to future-proof your business.

“With the considerable shift in third-party cookies rocking the industry over the past few years, digital publishing has faced enormous hurdles and undergone drastic changes,” the guide points out.

“And with the additional aftereffects of the global pandemic, economic challenges, and rapidly developing technologies, these changes don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. But the good news is, as the environment advances, there lies plenty of opportunity for publishers to stand out, lead in their field, and grow revenue.

“In order to succeed, the key is in knowing what to expect for the future. While predicting that can be difficult, the current evolving trends give a good idea of some of the opportunities that may arise for digital publishers in the next few years.”

You can download the guide here.


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