Optimizing Subscription Pricing Analytics for the Magazine Industry

Optimizing Subscription Pricing Analytics for the Magazine Industry

Join us for a look at how TIME is using data science and econometric modeling to enhance its pricing strategies and tactics. 

Join the thought-provoking discussion between Laurie Truitt, Vice President, Global Consumer Growth at TIME, and Luke Magerko, Head of Data Science for Mather Economics (and long-time magazine industry expert), as they explore TIME’s path to solving their subscriber revenue and pricing yield business questions. 

We are sure you will find the conversation helpful as you work to extend the runway of your legacy print brands and look to invest a portion of those revenues into your digital transformation.

The webinar is FREE to attend and you can register here.

? Tuesday, November 8th 2022; 3pm GMT / 11am EST


Laurie Truitt | Vice President, Global Consumer Growth, TIME

As Vice President of TIME Global Consumer Growth, Laurie is responsible for driving digital transformation and growth. She has over 20 years of experience working with global media brands including Gannett | USA Today, NBCU, and The New York Times.  

She is a dynamic and high-impact leader responsible for transforming organizations into subscriber-led content platforms and is responsible for accelerated growth across paid acquisition, lifecycle marketing, and driving ROI.

Luke Magerko | Head of Data Science and Operational Team, Mather Economics

Luke Magerko leads the media data science practice at Mather Economics focusing on the holistic 360-degree view of the consumer. Luke specializes in identifying customer behaviors, enhancing lifetime value, and providing operational cost savings.  As head of the operational team, Luke focuses on efficiencies to provide cost-effective services for Mather’s clients.

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