The Alliance for Audited Media and MPA partner to integrate the 360° Brand Audience Report into AAM Brand View

“Since MPA launched the Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report nearly five years ago, it has become the industry standard for measuring the total consumer audience, across formats and platforms,” said Linda Thomas Brooks, president and CEO of MPA — the association of magazine media. “Magazine media is held accountable to the most stringent measurement from accredited, third-party sources which show it delivers better viewability, a more immersive user experience, a safer brand environment, and the highest return on advertising spend than any other medium. We are thrilled to make our data available alongside AAM’s metrics.”

AAM Brand View is an interface in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center that enables publishers to feature their brand messaging and images alongside AAM-verified data. AAM launched Brand View in 2016 and has seen on average a 40 per cent increase in activity for publishers with profiles from media buyer users when compared with standard database use. The addition of MPA MM360° data gives publishers another outlet to tell their brand story to those potential buyers.

“We’re proud to support the MPA’s distribution of 360° data to the marketplace,” said Tom Drouillard, CEO, president and managing director of the Alliance for Audited Media. “By integrating the MPA’s report into AAM Brand View, we are helping connect these premium publishers with our community of more than 1,800 media buyer users and ultimately delivering on our mission to help buyers buy and sellers sell.”

The Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report launched in September 2014 to give a comprehensive view of consumer demand for magazine media brands. The report measures audiences across multiple platforms and formats including print and digital editions, mobile websites and video. MPA MM360° metrics are measured by third-party providers including GfK MRI, Ipsos and comScore.

“The MPA 360° report is a valuable tool because it helps us review a brand’s audience across platforms and identify which formats are trending with readers,” said Scott Kruse, managing partner, director of print at GroupM and vice chairman of the AAM board. “By publishing these metrics alongside AAM-audited data in Brand View, we have a complete picture of a brand’s audience in one accessible place.”

Nearly 120 AAM clients participate in the MPA MM360° report. For those publications that do not already have Brand View profiles, a basic profile including the MM360° tab will be activated for them near the end of June. The tab will then be updated automatically each month after the release of the MPA MM360° Brand Audience Report.

Brand View profiles are unique to each publisher to showcase their cross-media metrics and circulation data in one location and share a custom website link to users outside of the AAM database. The MPA MM360° tab displays data in easy-to-use, downloadable charts and tables that includes a trend analysis, year-to-date averages and year-over-year percentage changes.


Readers Digest AAM MPA 360 ()


“We are excited to have the opportunity to showcase MPA MM360° data in our Brand View profiles,” said Bonnie Kintzer, president and CEO of Trusted Media Brands. “It is important for us to be able to shine a spotlight on our rapidly growing digital audience while also providing advertisers with the assurance they need through AAM-verified data. Presenting both datasets in one location helps us tell a more comprehensive, complete brand story with metrics buyers have come to trust.”

Reader’s Digest is one of the first magazines to activate their MPA MM360° tab (see the profile here).

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