Adobe announces launch of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

Adobe Experience Manager ()

In a blog post from today’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Adobe says: “Today, the solution landscape for producing and maintaining apps is extremely fragmented. There are UI and UX design tools for prototyping. There are developer tools for coding. There are management systems for storing content and assets. There are point solutions for marketing tasks like analytics, targeting, notifications, diagnostics, and messaging. Enterprises that want to create a great app experience and maintain and improve that experience over time are left to stitch all of these solutions together. Involving so many different departments makes it difficult to realise efficient workflows between design, development, marketing and analytics. It’s really hard. And, it’s why most enterprises struggle to create and attract users to apps that are core to their businesses.”

Adobe says the new product will leverage content for mobile, build and extend apps, centrally manage apps and engage, measure and optimise.

Speaking from the event in Barcelona, Craig Llewelyn-Williams, founder of Adobe Solutions Partner, The App Lab, said: “Moving beyond content to have real functional features takes the platform from a digital publishing solution to a mobile platform. There are lots of exciting possibilities such as creating proper mobile commerce solutions rather than ‘tap-to-buy’ links on pages.”

More on this announcement from Adobe.

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