Advertisers must enhance digital ads, says McPheters CEO

“There are limitless ways in which advertisers can educate consumers”, said Rebecca McPheters, CEO, McPheters and Company, USA, today at the Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin.

“But great ads in apps are increasingly scarce”, she continued. “Many advertisers are putting print creative into publication related apps and much of the advertising is not enhanced. Therefore, advertising as a dominant revenue source may be less suited to apps.” McPheters said that there is now a trend towards simpler magazine apps, and more replicas, which according to her, is a shame.

With the average digital magazine in the US being on five different platforms or newsstands, McPheters says its important for publishers to look at what they’re consumers are doing on these different platforms.  McPheters said that Condé Nast found enhanced ads (meaningfully enhanced) generated twice as much readership and a 63 per cent increase in time spent as static ads. “In app ads can prove highly effective in attracting readers’ attention”, she said.

Variables in driving downloads and revenues:
Days in app store
iMonitor ratings
Presence in iOS newsstand
Audience size
User ratings
Variety of app features

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