ALM launches native advertising offering

ALM has announced the launch of ALM Brand Perspectives, the company’s own native advertising platform for marketers seeking to increase brand awareness and visibility in the legal marketplace.

“ALM Brand Perspectives is an exciting new advertising vehicle for legal marketers who wish to demonstrate thought leadership and expertise by integrating their own content into appropriate ALM publication websites,” said Jeff Litvack, chief digital officer of ALM. “The market response to this new offering has been positive from both marketers and readers alike.”

There are already a number of advertisers who are running native advertising campaigns on ALM’s various online properties. Early results have been positive, say the company, with average click-through rates on ALM Brand Perspectives ads that are 10 times higher than the industry average for traditional online display ads (one per cent vs. 0.1 per cent) and with some brands achieving click-through rates as high as 2.1 per cent.

ALM Brand Perspectives is available to legal marketers for deployment on all ALM publication websites, including the home pages and other pages within the sites.

ALM is a FIPP member company.

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