An announcement for those who said native advertising couldn’t scale

Native supply side platform Sharethrough and demand side platform AppNexus announced today that they will integrate their platforms to allow brand marketers to access billions of native ad impressions across hundreds of top publishers and apps via the Sharethrough Exchange.

Now brands, trading desks and agencies will be able to purchase native ads through the same AppNexus workflow that they currently use for their display and video ad buys.

“AppNexus and Sharethrough will be the first to harness the scale and predictive attributes of programmatic technology in the service of powering compelling native advertising,” said Brian O’Kelley, CEO of AppNexus.

This integration was made possible by the OpenRTB 2.3, the IAB’s new specification for native programmatic advertising. The standard that makes it possible to trade metadata (headlines, descriptions and thumbnails) through advertising technology systems. Before OpenRTB 2.3, it was only possible to trade fixed sized files, which was not compatible with native advertising.

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Source: NativeAdvertising

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