Announcement: 43rd FIPP World Media Congress 2020 goes online


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The month-long online Congress replaces the physical event that was planned for Estoril, Portugal on 15-16 September this year. Whilst we still believe in the attractiveness of such events in the future, FIPP and the FIPP board believe it is the right decision not to expose delegates to international travel and a conference held in a confined space at this time.

The Virtual FIPP World Media Congress will include:

– FIPP Congress speaker programme

– The incorporation of a Digital Innovators’ Summit 2020 (DIS) speaker programme

– The return of the Worldwide Media Marketplace (WMM)

– FIPP and UPM Rising Stars and FIPP and UPM Insight Awards

FIPP President and CEO James Hewes said: “We are incredibly excited to be running a virtual Congress for the first time. We believe that both DIS and Congress delegates and partners will be amazed and delighted by the experience. We would have loved to hold a physical event this year but as that’s not possible, we’re embracing the opportunity to use digital platforms to bring our unique knowledge sharing and networking experience to media businesses, partners and suppliers across the world.”


How it will work

Congress 2020 will differ from our regular, physical events in some significant ways:

– Instead of running the programme over two days as usually is the case with the Congress, we will break sessions into standalone slots spread over the full four weeks of running the conference. In total, we will have conversations with some 80 international speakers.

– Participants will be able to pick and choose the sessions they want to attend live over the four weeks. They will be able to submit questions before each session, and ask questions live.

– If they have signed up for the full Congress, they will get access to: 

  > Recordings of all sessions, even those they could not attend;

  > Presentation slides, where made available by speakers;

  > Features, special reports and “how-to” case studies from the event; and

  > WMM meetings platform, which we will keep open for three months, meaning ample opportunities for participants to book dedicated one-to-one meetings to discuss and do business.


Sponsors and exhibitors will have a variety of options themselves to choose from, including WMM speaking opportunities, ads, branding, lead generation, and re-marketing of speaking slots (i.e. recordings).

– They will have the opportunity to meet with publishers from around the world – this time not inhibited by the cost of international travel and accommodation – for a full three months including during Congress using our Dealroom meetings platform.  

– Also, for publishers involved in international publishing and licensing, FIPP will invite new players such as telcos interested in our content as they seek to satisfy customer demand for quality content.


Speaker programme, meetings and awards 

Over the period 2-30 September, the 43rd FIPP World Media Congress will have activities at fixed intervals from Monday through to Friday, meaning several options for participants to choose from each week. Be they sitting in on speaker presentations or conversations, attending a WMM product demonstration or panel conversation, booking meetings with other participants or joining us for virtual award ceremonies.

Congress and DIS speaker channels:

– The Congress channel will focus on the big questions facing media today — challenges, opportunities, and the strategies to deal with them.

– The DIS channel will focus on digital innovations in the media landscape at a time where an array of businesses, not only in media, have had to pivot working and engaging almost entirely online.

WMM will consist of a speaker channel and a meetings platform:

– The WMM channel will feature publishers and service providers (our “WMM exhibitors”) speaking slots, where our exhibitors will showcase their offers.

– Along with attending the speaking slots, people will be able to book one-to-one virtual meetings using our Dealroom-powered WMM meetings platform to discuss doing business.  

FIPP and UPM Rising Stars and Insight Awards:

– Finally, we will present our winners of the FIPP Insight and the FIPP Rising Stars Awards during Congress 2020. We will be carrying a variety of content and showcasing winners from both Awards throughout the event. Full details of how to enter will be announced shortly.


Register your interest for Congress 2020

We will announce more details, including how to register for Congress 2020, soon. In the meantime, get in touch with Natalie Butcher, FIPP event executive, at if you have questions or to register your interest.


Speaking at Congress 2020

People interested in speaking at the online Congress can get in touch with Cobus Heyl, FIPP’s Chief Content and Marketing Officer at


Becoming a Congress 2020 sponsor

If you are interested in sponsorship and Worldwide Media Marketplace opportunities, get in touch with John Schlaefli, FIPP’s Revenue and Global Partnerships Officer at


If you registered for Congress in Estoril

If you bought a ticket for Congress 2020 before Coronavirus struck, your ticket will be valid for the full Congress online, including all content channels as well as Worldwide Media Marketplace. If you have any questions, please get in touch any time with Natalie Butcher, FIPP events executive at or James Hewes, FIPP President and CEO at


If you have registered for DIS 2020 in Berlin

If you registered for DIS 2020 in Berlin, your ticket will also be valid for all content channels as well as WMM meetings. Should you prefer a refund, the deadline for requesting refunds is 30 June. Refunds will be paid after the event. If you have any questions, please get in touch any time with Natalie Butcher, FIPP events executive at or James Hewes, FIPP President and CEO at



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