Apples are not the only fruit

Ian Remmer, sales director, MagazineCloner, today addressed attendees at FIPP’s licensing and syndication event in London, WMM.
While the iPad is still the bench mark for all other tablets, said Remmer, their market share is being eroded everyday, as more and more rivals bring products to market. “However, Apple is still king”, he said.
Some stats from MagazineCloner branded apps:

  • MacWorld: more than 100 million iPads in the market and that number is growing by over 1.7 million a week. A 60 per cent increase from one year ago.
  • MacWorld: More than 283 million iPhones and that number increases by over three million units per week.

The turning point for the tablet industry came with the launch of Android, said Remmer. It has a worldwide smartphone market share of 75 per cent  with 750 million devices activated in total.
“There is a growing amount of devices, giving consumers more choice and often for less money. Aakash device from India now sells for $49 each. Clearly it’s going to be a big game changer. It’s a huge market and it’s growing and at this price point everyone is going to have one. If you’re not publishing to Android now you really should consider it soon”, commented Remmer.

By October 2012, said Remmer, the Kindle Fire was the second biggest tablet available after iPad.
Windows 8 app sales have been fairly slow, he said, but are growing and many new devices are planned, so it is early days. The latest figures suggest 100 million software users, but only one million surface users.

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