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Christine Huntingford, FIPP’s vice president, said “It’s exciting to see the submissions arriving and reading how young talent from around the world is making an impact on magazine media.

This generation is the first to have truly lived in both an analogue and digital world. They understand the root of where we have come from yet at the same time grew up instinctively adapting to the digital transformation that has embedded itself into everyday life and almost every action we undertake.

The range of the submissions comes from, how editors are adapting to create new content for their audiences, on a variety of platforms, to seeing various examples of how creative sales and marketing teams are thinking innovatively and creating out-of-the box opportunities to engage advertisers with brands, which in turn creates deeper relationships with the media owner and advertiser, as well as the advertiser and customer/reader.

Behind the scenes there are people who make complex things look simple and create a better end-solution that not only works better for the media company and its brands, but also offers a better user-experience.

On a corporate level, I have seen how a company has needed to change its approach and structure in order to be fit for purpose for the future. A particular individual was the driving force behind that change, which was executed successfully because of their energy, attention to detail and methods of working collaboratively with colleagues, in order to foster cooperation.

All of the examples so far, have demonstrated the dedication and passion that people have for their jobs, their brands and magazine media.”

If you have done exceptional things in the past 12 months in your job (or if you know someone in your company who has) submissions are being taken until 31 July.

For details of how to enter, visit or download the entry form.

If you have any questions, email Christine Huntingford and/or Jenny Stubbs or call the office on +44 20 7404 4169

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