Australian model for magazine audience metrics presented at FIPP Research Forum

A new initiative assesses the cost-effectiveness of advertising in magazines, and was presented on 17 June at the FIPP Research Forum in Hamburg by Miriam Condon, director of strategy and planning, Pacific Magazines, Australia.
The Magazine Audience Performance Predictor (map) forecasts how advertising messages in magazines will be spread through time, issue by issue, and is a collaboration between Magazine Publishers of Australia (MPA), and several of it’s media owner members.
Condon said that the study was born out of agencies’ need for different, real-time data, which was a result of digital media “exploding”. “New magazine measurement metrics were needed, giving audience predictions for current issues, to give real-time magazine issue specific data in line with TV and digital,” she added.
Condon said other challenges included agencies proclaiming: “If we can’t measure you, we’re not going to book you,” magazine advertising revenue being in a state of decline and campaigns getting smaller, hence measurement becomes harder.
“The map tool offers new magazine metrics, so now we can provide audience estimates for each specific issue of a title and estimates for current issues,” said Condon.

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