BPA’s Murphy presents brand report at FIPP Digital Conference

Richard Murphy, senior vice president, auditing, BPA Worldwide, USA gave delegates at the 3rd FIPP Digital Magazine Media Conference today (21 September), an insight into the company’s new brand report.

The brand report essentially takes all of the channels of brand and brings them together. It can report on channels including print, digital edition, email newsletters, awards, events, social media and websites. Even though Murphy called it “silo reporting”, the brand report also shows where users overlap, which is really useful when looking at which subscribers receive the brand on more than one platform. “We’re helping publishers tell their story”, said Murphy.

Murphy finished by saying that BPA spent a lot of time waiting for technology to be perfect, so that it could be reported. However, he said that the company has now changed its strategy, and now they report what we can, and “evolve as the technology does.”

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