Canada’s B2B association merges with Magazines Canada

Under this agreement, all CBMA members will be incorporated into Magazines Canada’s membership. With the addition of former CBMA titles, Magazines Canada’s membership grows to nearly 400 magazines, including 125 B2B titles. Magazines Canada has also created a new B2B advisory committee to advise its board of directors and ensure that the association effectively serves its B2B magazine members.

Matthew Holmes, CEO, Magazines Canada, said “We’re very excited to welcome the CBMA members into Magazines Canada. The CBMA’s long and rich history will be honoured and maintained, while all the business media publishers in Canada will benefit from streamlined events, professional development, and advocacy on government policies and programs. 

“The transition has been seamless, and we’re looking forward to the first meeting of our new business media advisory committee during the upcoming Business Media Leadership Summit Feb. 6-7, north of Toronto.”

“Magazines Canada has been a leading supporter of the B2B industry for many years now, and this merger is a great step for our sector. It strengthens our voice on the national stage and improves our ability to coordinate on projects that will mean a brighter future for business media,” said Scott Jamieson, vice chair of Magazines Canada’s board of directors and director of Content and Engagement for Annex Business Media.

“This move is exactly what we need to do to align our efforts to build a foundation for a stronger trade press in the future,” said John Kerr, CBMA president and CEO of Kerrwil. “In a digital age, having both the consumer and trade press under one roof just makes a ton of sense and I am personally looking forward to rolling up my sleeves to support the next efforts.”

Source: Magazines Canada

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